#SportBitsFashion at the Olympic Opening Ceremony

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Sports and fashion collide at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.

From the athletes’ uniforms to their leisure wear, style choices will be discussed and analyzed at this year’s Olympics. Today, let’s take a look at the Opening Ceremony outfits created for a few of the competing countries. #SportBitsFashion

With over a billion people worldwide expected to watch the Opening Ceremonies, it’s no wonder leading fashion designers were foaming at the mouth to design their country’s Olympians. What an incredible platform to elevate their brand! For the United States, Polo Ralph Lauren once again outfitted #TeamUSA, and for the first time, everything was Made In The USA. Athletes were decked out in tapered, white denim jeans, patriotic T-shirts, Polo Pony-emblazoned navy blazers, and red, white, and blue striped boat shoes. Preppy, classic, fun….ready for a weekend in the Hamptons, I’d say. Some folks screamed #RussianInfluence, pointing out that the shirts closely resembled the Russian flag. I say #malarkey!


US Flag Bearer Michael Phelps literally lit the path for the US Athletes wearing a jacket that was an ultimate integration of innovation, fashion, and technology. Electroluminescent panels brightly illuminated portions of the jacket making the Flag Bearer a sight for all to see. You can purchase all the outfits at RalphLauren.com.

The Australian outfits for Rio’s Opening Ceremony also had a preppy, yacht club feel to them. Designed by Sportscraft, the Australian athletes donned green and white-striped blazers with white bottoms. The names of Olympic gold medalist champions were stitched into the lining of the blazers, which also had a special pocket for the athlete’s smartphones. #priorities

AustraliaPhil Hillyard

The preppy look continued with the South Koreans’ crispy white pants, navy blazers, and fedoras. The design team took no chances with the health of its athletes – each outfit was infused with insect repellent to keep mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus at bay. #ZikaProof


Some countries were not happy with their outfits, however. The Iranians took to social media complaining that their uniforms resembled a school eraser.


The Georgians were upset because they felt their outfits represented a look of the past instead of a look to the future. I would agree.


My favorite was #TeamCanada . The Canadian design duo Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2 partnered with Hudson Bay for Canada’s outfits. Athletes wore a long black and red blazer/windbreaker mash-up with a giant maple leaf and tails on the back. Flat front tapered wool stretch pants with bonded zippers, elastic waist and ankles gave the look a modern, fresh feel. I’d order that jacket in a minute, eh?


And this is just the beginning folks. These designers have put together “kits” for the athletes that include the Opening Ceremony outfits, performance uniforms, and leisure wear. Be sure to follow me on social media where I’ll be posting all my favorites. What is striking your fashion fancy at these summer games?  #SportBits … a little bit of info is all you need.

M. Coyne

Mary is a 30yr Angeleno who has somehow survived the ups and downs of the Los Angeles sports scene. She encourages her kids and friends to watch the games because she feels everyone should know alittle bit about what is going on in the sports world. #SportBits ... a little bit of info is all you need. Find her at mcsportbits.com