Hamilton: The Musical Masterpiece

hamilton the musical

How many of you are fans of musicals? I absolutely love musicals. West Side StoryBye-Bye Birdie, Grease…Musicals take us to another world, a world where we use music and dance to express our feelings and say what words otherwise cannot express. What makes a good musical? Is it the cast? The music? Or a combination of both?

That spectacular break out musical is that of Hamilton, a creative hip-hop musical based upon the life of one of America’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. Some could consider it fate that in 2009, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda received a phone call from the White House asking him to partake in an evening filled with live performances about the American experience. After spending a day reading and lounging by the pool, Miranda found his inspiration inside Ron Chernow’s 800 page biography about Alexander Hamilton.

According to The New YorkerMiranda was inspired by Hamilton’s “relentlessness, brilliance, and self-destructive stubbornness.” He felt the story was a similar representation of the life his father led as a young man as well as the life of infamous rapper Tupac Shakur.

In an August 2015 review of Hamilton, theater critic Ben Brantley tells us the reason why Hamilton is the breakout hit that it is and why it draws so many to Broadway each month…

“Hamilton [is a show] about young rebels taking hold and shaping the future of a country yet to be formed. Hamilton is changing the language of musicals by insisting that the forms of songs frequently heard on pop radio stations, i.e. rap, hiphop, and R&B ballads, not only have the narrative focus, but also combines the emotional factor to [propel] into the focus of the gloomy faces on our green bills.”

Look closely and you will see something else unique that makes Hamilton stand out from the other musicals we’ve seen on Broadway. While the music certainly makes it stand out from the rest with its funky, hip hop vibe, it is the diversity of the cast that makes Hamilton the unique and popular musical that it is. According to the Huffington Post, the play has much that it could teach Hollywood about diversity in the entertainment industry, which is “actors of color are not a liability.”

If you have not yet seen this spectacular musical, I highly encourage you to put it on your list of must see. Here is a list of the following cities they will be here touring for the 2017-2018 show season. You can purchase tickets through the official show’s website here or online through ticketmaster.com.

Have you seen Hamilton? Share with us your opinions!


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