Cynthia Bailey: ‘I Will Never Marry Again’

cynthia bailey

After six years of marriage, it’s official… Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey and husband Peter Thomas are divorcing and she claims that she will never marry again.

Unfortunately, this news is not a surprise to RHOA fans. Ever since the 3rd season, Cynthia has received nothing but flack about the relationship from her mother and sister. Remember how they conveniently forgot the marriage certificate!

In addition, there was last season’s drama: a video showing Peter kissing and touching a woman at his business Bar One, in North Carolina.  Despite all this, Cynthia says she still cares for and loves him.

She confesses, “There’s something very scary about turning 50 and being by yourself.  When I divorced at the age of 35, I was determined to eventually get back in the game. I couldn’t give up on marrying again and having the family I desired.”

Unlike Cynthia, I didn’t already have a child. So, that was my catalyst to be hopeful.  I recently saw an episode of the Steve Harvey Show where the entire audience included women who had given up on love. They wanted nothing more to do with it, due to divorce or bad relationships.

Honestly, it was sad to see. Women, some of them quite young, were just throwing in the towel. Luckily, Steve Harvey was able to make some of them see that is not the way to approach life.

Cynthia says that she takes responsibility for her marriage failing and that putting her daughter’s needs first was a major factor.

In a larger sense, she admits to not being Mrs. material. “I couldn’t give up Cynthia Bailey to be Cynthia Bailey Thomas,” she says. “I was in love with Peter, but I’m just not wife material.”

Regardless of what we may think, her self-awareness is very powerful and she can now live an authentic life.  Good luck Cynthia!

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