#Empowerista: Samantha Bee Takes On Late Night TV

We finally have a female late night host again: Samantha Bee! Her news satirical show, Full Frontal, debuted Monday on TBS. This makes her one of the few female hosts in late night history! Joan Rivers and Chelsea Handler were the only others…

Gender aside, she switches up the look and feel of late night with her desk-less and guest free show. Plus, thanks to a diverse writing staff and female host, Full Frontal shares new and interesting points of view, which are often lacking on other such shows. Something you can always count on? Sam Bee throwing punches at politicians.

In this week’s #Empowerista, Alex Wehrley breaks down Samantha Bee’s new show and her journey to becoming the only female late night host.

Samantha Bee by herdaily

Alex Wehrley


Alex Wehrley is a TV host and the creator of #Empowerista, a media movement and mentorship program to inspire, celebrate and empower women's careers, body-image and relationships. You may have seen Alex on E! News Now, an ABC red carpet, or in downward dog at a Los Angeles yoga studio. Follow her shenanigans at www.AlexWehrley.com