Five Actresses That Should be Cast as Nina Simone

The upcoming biopic Nina has been getting a lot of criticism that doesn’t seem to be going away. It all started when Zoe Saldana was cast to play Nina Simone and fans, as well as family of Simone, didn’t take it well. Images and a trailer were released, which drew even more reactions.

Someone in charge of the official Nina Simone Twitter account had some words to say to Saldana about after quoting the late singer. Saldana tweeted the quote from Simone that states “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me- No Fear… I mean really, no fear.” The official twitter account went on to reply to the tweet by saying “Cool story but please take Nina’s name out your mouth. For the rest of your life.” That’s awkward.

Many have given other options for actresses who could portray Simone. Here’s a few we think are worth noting.

Viola Davis  


 Audra McDonald 


Adepero Oduye 


Uzo Aduba 


Danai Gurira'

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  • A818

    No. Africans should not play Black Americans.

    • PraiseTheLord

      But those Africans were born in America, so they are also Black Americans.

    • Liah


  • Roger Beck

    Who is nina simone?

    • Mylan Sylk

      Only one of the finest black classical pianist, singer, song writer, composer, activist the world has ever seen.

  • Mick Jones

    Where were all of the complaints when some black guy was cast to play the part of a Celt in Spartacus? So what if most people never heard of Oenamus? Most people never heard of Zihlandlo either (his tribe was subjugated by Shaka Zulu, but you can bet your azz that they’d be whining to high heaven if Kevin McKidd ever portrayed him in a television series.

  • Zadie Summer-Day

    Danai Gurira would have been a cool choice! Still confused why the went with Zoe. She’s a good actress, but give someone else a shot.

  • venezolanatrini .

    Danai Gurira or Audra wouldve been good.

  • Mylan Sylk


  • mylifeinthesunshine

    India Arie..

  • Enoughsaid2020

    India Arie would have been perfect.

  • Stacie Sims

    Lauryn Hill was my pick…. and she can act!

  • SchoolTeacher

    India Arie…

  • Rae

    Heather Headley would have been perfect

  • ThatsTheTruth

    Nina Simone’ family and other people cannot get upset with Zoe Saldana. Yes, she is a movie star and lives the glamorous life; however, she has to make a living like the rest of us. She got bills to pay and children (twins) to raise. Actors and Actresses make their living based on the gigs that come their way. The role was offered to her and she felt like she can do the job. So, if anyone wants to pass the blame, blame it on the producer or the casting director.
    P.S. I do agree Indie Ari or Uza Aduba would of been perfect for the role.

  • Pop❀Lyfe

    good choices, anyone other than who was cast (Zoe). I guarantee she won’t be able to carry that movie, she isn’t that deep of an actress to pull it off. That movie is a train wreck and will BOMB.

    • Liah

      I agree totally; I love Nina Simone (Zoe) I don’t understand why she was picked…SMH!

      • Pop❀Lyfe

        Ditto, how dare them put this crap out , she deserves WAY BETTER!

        • Liah


  • Rafer Singleton

    viola is so fine!

  • Lexi Guardado

    Zoe can act but that’s not the problem here. The problem is colorism, she is light skin and therefore could not represent Nina Simone as a whole.