New Soccer Uniforms Add Hijabs to Include Religious Women

Hummel International, a Danish sportswear brand, is making progressive moves in the world of sports by releasing the first ever jersey with an attached hijab. The groundbreaking design marks a monumental move for Muslim athletes, paving the way for inclusion in soccer, and hopefully soon, in all sports.

The new uniform, created for the men’s and women’s national Afghanistan teams, will allow Muslim women to compete on the field, without breaking rules of their religion or sacrificing their personal beliefs.

Former captain of Afghanistan’s women’s national soccer team, Khalida Popal, worked with Hummel and the country’s soccer federation on the unique uniforms. Popal speaks positively about her experience and the impact of design, “It was a huge honor to captain my country, but it was an even bigger honor to be seen as a role model and an inspiration for thousands of young girls and women in Afghanistan.”

Hummel has a long career in sportswear, working in the industry since 1923. Focusing on designs that mix retro with current trends, the brand is certainly seizing the push for diversity and multiculturalism, coming in as a frontrunner for equal opportunities for all, around the world. Owner, Christian Stadil commented on the development, “We don’t sponsor the biggest teams in the world, but we make partnerships with teams and clubs with a story to tell, like Afghanistan. We try to meet the Afghan people where they are, and right now that is by helping the women play football with or without a hijab.”

The company’s mission, to “change the world through sports,” is well on its way, and we cannot wait to see the impact Hummel’s new jersey will have on the future of athletics.

Alexandra Sharova


Moscow born, Santa Barbara (CA) raised dreamer with an insatiable appetite for adventure & sweets.