Kimberly Drew is Shining Light on Black Contemporary Art

Kimberly Drew has managed to snag the awesome title of associate online community producer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as curate the beautiful Tumblr Black Contemporary Art and she’s only 25. Drew has created a great network with creatives and continues to grow.

She recently joining together with New York Times Journalist Jenna Worthman for the research project, Black Futures, which “blackness in the post-digital age.” Drew took the time to speak with Nylon and proved her presence is a good one to have in the art world. “Charting a viable career path in the art world can be a daunting task, especially for people of color,” responded Drew when asked how she works in the art industry as a black woman. “I think within any industry, in our post-digital world, young people will find the most success employing technology to realize the things that they’d like to see in the world.”

When discussing her black identity: “Blackness, like the heart or brain, is a muscle. Being black in America is all about finesse, flexibility, and endurance. As an independent researcher, I am always giving my blackness a rigorous workout. I work to find new information that can strengthen my knowledge and understanding of black history. My blackness is always in a state of maturation.”

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Check out some of great artwork Drew is sharing on her tumblr.'

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