“Ask Alexa” Spills Fashion Secrets via British Vogue

Fashion’s fave It Girl, Alexa Chung invites you to participate in her YouTube special for British Vogue. “Ask Alexa” is a spinoff from her “Future of Fashion” series, also featured on Vogue’s site. The British model, presenter, contributing editor, writer, director, and most recently designer for Mark & Spencer, knows a thing or two about style…okay, she basically knows everything. Since first venturing into the cutthroat world of fashion as a model at 16, Chung has gone on to explore every nook and corner of the industry, essentially making her an expert in the field. Lucky for us, instead of keeping the knowledge to herself, she generously shares the wealth.

In the fashion documentary series, “Future of Fashion” aka #FOF, presented on Vogue, Chung divulges style tips and tricks, giving us a glimpse into the seemingly unapproachable “secret” fashion scene. With years of experience, fashion celebrity friends, and a quirky attitude, the series is a must-see for anyone interested in the glamourous (and sometimes not-so-glam) industry.

Chung takes the series and collab to the next level, with an exclusive live event on Saturday, March 19. This unique opportunity gives viewers the chance to ask Chung anything about her documentary, style, experience in the industry, etc.

Alexandra Sharova


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