Tara Wallace Unbothered by Amina Buddafly

Tara Wallace

Love & Hip Hop 6 Reunion biggest feud was between Peter Gunz love interests Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly but Tara Wallace Unbothered by Amina Buddafly pregnancy announcement!

Despite giving birth to baby Gunner, Peter Gunz tenth baby, Tara Wallace wanted to make it clear that she has moved on and is unfazed by Amina’s pregnancy announcement.

After the ladies had their heated argument on the Love & Hip Hop Reunion, the feud spilled over on to social media.

Tara Wallace posted a video on her Instagram account writing:

“This is such a true song and I am no different… #UPSandDOWNS! The situation entered my life with complexities. I did not go looking for it nor have I been anything but nicer than I should have been. Music speaks to the soul! Thanks @robinandre #TrueArtist #Support #Love #NYC #RobinAndre #UpsAndDowns”

After Tara posted the video she continued to shade Amina Buddafly with another photo of Peter Gunz Pankey newest son, Gunner.

Tara Wallace, Peter Gunz longtime girlfriend and partner of 15 years, posted an adorable photo of her third son, Gunner sound asleep, with a caption that reads:

“#Gunner watching the reunion like?”

Tara was a little extra shady with the post, but she made her point clear after the ugly conversation she had with Amina on the Love & Hip Hop 6 Reunion Pt 1.

Yesterday, we told you about the LHHH 6 Reunion Pt 1 was filled with Drama as Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly faced off over having Peter Gunz last baby.

The ladies are very much aware of each other and the man they share. However, things got real messy, real fast when Tara and Amina started talking about Peter Gunz knocking up Tara with his third child.

Tara and Peter are co-parents to three adorable baby boys, Jamison Wallace, Kaz Wallace and their new son, Gunner Ethan Pankey.

Former Love & Hip Hop New York star Joe Budden even weighed in on the situation saying that the ladies are well aware of the situation.

On Tuesday, Budden took to social media saying:

“Pete’s been Pete for three years, I’m Lost lol”

The slaughterhouse MC added:

“3 years & 3 reunions he’s said verbatim ‘I’M SICK, I HAVE A PROBLEM, THIS IS WHO I AM’”

He concluded saying:

“Everyone in love is dumb from the outside looking in.”

This is not the first time Joe has weighed in on Peter Gunz twisted relationship with two women. In 2014, he went on record saying that he doesn’t understand how after two seasons Amina Buddafly was still searching out a commitment to Peter Gunz, who is still keeping a relationship with Tara Wallace.

Bottom line is this, relationships are hard from the jump, but women truly need to listen to the man that they get involved with. If he shows his true colors early on, then a woman should step.

Ladies if a man lies to you, shows his true colors and stays out all night and then gives poor excuses, give him his walking papers. He is never going to change no matter what you think. A man has four things on their mind; sex, food, is she hot, and sports. If you try to change that about a man he will do what all men do. Find it elsewhere!

And for the record, putting up with a man, doing what he says, and losing yourself in his world is a big no no’s. A man likes a woman who is independent, can stand on her own, and doesn’t need him. That makes a man want a woman more.

If you run under a man like a lost puppy. Most likely that is what will happen, you will become a lost puppy looking for a man.

If you pay attention to Amina and Tara’s relationship with Peter Gunz, you will notice that they both look like lost puppies.

However, Tara is looking like she is back to being an independent woman and that is becoming more attractive on her.

What do you think about Tara Wallace unbothered by Amina’s pregnancy?