MC Lyte Inspires With Her HIP HOP Sisters Network

MC Lyte

Do you may remember MC Lyte from the 80’s when she was the first solo female rapper to release a full album in 1988? Well, now she has a HIP HOP Sisters Network!

Mc Lyte gained the reputation as being one of hip-hop’s pioneer feminists. Through the years she has been empowering women and has a non-profit organization called the HIP HOP Sisters Network.

The Lifetime Achievement Award winner and Icon Lifetime Award winner for “I Am Hip Hop”, founded the HIP HOP Sisters Network. The exceptional MC Lyte has been praised by first lady Michelle Obama and was the first female rapper in history to perform at the White House.  Talk about a remarkable and inspiring woman!

The non-profit organizational slogan is, ‘Redefining the Essence of Women through Unity and Empowerment’.  Mc Lyte, born as Lana Michelle Moorer; a talented and very intelligent woman. Her organization promotes positive images of women of ethnic diversity. It also unites leaders together from the World of Hip Hop, the entertainment industry and the corporate world.

They also provide support both nationally and internationally to support women, men and youth throughout the world.  You may have seen MC Lyte on Steve Harvey show when she presented a $50,000 check to one of the program recipients.  HIP HOP Sisters is a diverse group which addresses such topics as cultural awareness, financial empowerment, health and wellness, mentorship and educational opportunities. She has an impressive board of directors and a leadership team with many top advisory celebrities such as Faith Evans.

MC Lyte and her HIP HOP Sisters Network has three main educational programs: #Educate Our Men, Empowerment: Women Wealth and relationships and for Responsibility… The Honey Shine Mentoring Program.  Women learn to connect with like-minded women and friends and learn how to master goals, how to achieve financial success and much more. I like the program that involves financial coach Russell Simmons who teaches the top three things to keep in check… Their partner, their pocketbook and their purpose. I wish I could be part of that course. These are definitely notable causes and empowerment methods that she has provided for women.  I am certainly impressed by MC Lyte and hope you have a chance to check out Hip Hop Sisters today!