Katie Holmes Directorial Debut

katie holmes directional

Katie Holmes directorial debut was for All We Had, at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The film is based on a book by Annie Weatherwax about a single mom who is homeless and trying to raise her teenage daughter. Not only is this Katie Holmes directorial debut, but she starred in the role as the character and mother, Rita.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Katie to discuss how she felt as a first time director.  They asked her if she was nervous about making films. In regards to Katie Holmes directorial debut she had this to say:

“I’m incredibly intimidated because I’m doing something I haven’t done before. As an artist, I hope people connect to this story, but as a woman in Hollywood, I hope to do it more.  I hope it has some success because I want to be part of creating stories and choosing the stories that are put out there.”

Katie also revealed the female directors she admired, she stated:

“I look up to Jodie Foster. Also, Sarah Polley – we did Go together so many years ago. And Reed Morano, she’s an amazing DP and has something new coming [Lionness starring Ellen Page]. I’m excited; there’s a lot of great stuff happening. Even at this festival – it’s great that one-third of the Tribeca films are directed by women. I’m looking forward to seeing some.”

She was asked what she thought of anyone leery of working with female filmmakers.  She replied:

“Then don’t! [laughs] But you need to concentrate on the work of the person rather than the gender. If you’re nervous about it, then figure out what you’re nervous about exactly and fix that.”

Katie spoke with Refinery 29 at the Women’s Filmmaker Luncheon. Kate and Jane Rosenthal, who is the Tribeca co-founder producer for All We Had shard the importance and necessity of women supporting each other.

Jane Rosenthal Stated:

“You should know who your sister is next to you. That’s how we’re going to keep the numbers growing in terms of women who are in front of and behind the camera and are creating the stories that are so important in our world.”

Katie Holmes also said that:

“So there was such positivity, and then you do that for other women and you keep paying it forward.”

It is so wonderful to hear all the sisterhood support and empowering women of Hollywood standing united. What are your thoughts?


Photo: WENN.com