#SportBits… #MoreThanMean Campaign


#MoreThanMean shines a spotlight on bullying women online

In a new campaign meant to tackle the subject of on-line bullying of women, female sportswriters Julie DiCario and ESPNW’s Sarah Spain sit and listen to men read mean tweets directed at them. Women in sports are often the target of on-line bullying, and in the #MoreThanMean PSA, real men — who are NOT the original authors of the messages — read vile tweets directed at DiCario and Spain … to their faces. Jimmy Kimmel mean tweets they’re not. It starts out light, but the words quickly turn vulgar, and the men become increasingly uncomfortable.

“One of the players should beat you to death with their hockey stick like the whore you are,” is one tweet. “This is why we don’t hire any females unless we need our c*** sucked or our food cooked,” is another.

Harassment online is not privy to women, and women in sports. It happens to men, kids, and teens too. It’s easy to type something hateful, and then anonymously hit “send”. That comes from a place of cowardice. It’s much harder to abuse someone face to face, and this video shows that. Yes, we live in a free country, where we are free to say what we want, but with that right comes responsibility.

The message of the video is clear: Some women in sports are harassed online just for doing their jobs. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face – then don’t not type it.
Hopefully, the conversation around the abuse that women – particularly female journalists, bloggers and broadcasters – have to put up with online continues to grow. This video, which clearly shows the brutality of that abuse, is a good start. The real question remains, though: what are we going to do to stop it?

M. Coyne

Mary is a 30yr Angeleno who has somehow survived the ups and downs of the Los Angeles sports scene. She encourages her kids and friends to watch the games because she feels everyone should know alittle bit about what is going on in the sports world. #SportBits ... a little bit of info is all you need. Find her at mcsportbits.com