Lil Kim: The Queen Bee of Bad Boy Puts Biggie In Past

lil kim

Lil Kim, the queen bee of Bad Boy is speaking out on her relationship with Faith Evans and her rap mentorship with Notorious B.I.G., which turned out to be one of intimacy.

We all know that Biggie was Faith Evans husband and Lil Kim was Biggie’s female protoge as well as mistress during the height of the Bad Boy days.  However, the long-standing feud has gone on for way too long. With the Bad Boy reunion tour 2016 both performers were able to put their differences aside and perform for Puff Daddy Bad Boy reunion tour. However, Kim has not been satisfied with the role the media and music industry has played.

Lil Kim called into the DJ Whoo Kids show on “Shade 45.” She spoke out about her experience on the Bad Boy tour thus far. Kim has found peace with her love triangle of the past. The 41-year-old MC said, “At the end of the day, we’re family whether we like it or not, but we’ve always been fans of ‘each other’s’ music. I think we are really sisters in a certain sense. I’m a part of the estate. She’s a part of the estate. We’re a part of Bad Boy, and we both share a lot in common… We all realized how strong we could be together.”

So far the Bad Boy ladies have been touring together and keeping the old wounds closed. There has been positive feedback and they both seem to be enjoying working together. Both ladies are legends in their own rights as well. With all the good music news, Lil Kim is getting media back lash over her looks. All I can say is her looks are her choice. The only problem is that she has been posting selfies. Now I must say if you post selfies, you know the whole world sees them.

Besides the Bad Boy and Family Reunion Tour, Lil Kim recently dropped her new mixtape “Lil Kim Season”. She had this to say to Billboard about why now and what can we expect… “It’s funny, because a lot of times, the people around me will say, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s like it’s Lil’ Kim season.’ It always seems like it’s a time every year when everyone’s either playing my music or paying homage with some of my most iconic looks. The other day, Kylie Jenner posted a picture of me and it was about my whole look of different colored hair, and she was like, ‘Oh my goodness, I love her,’ that kind of thing. Just a month before that, Solange threw a “Crush on You” ball where she had people come and they had to dress like me. Then, there comes a time when everyone is always playing my music and reciting lyrics. I go on the Internet, I see Taraji P. Henson performing the whole “Benjamins” [verse], and I see La La Anthony performing one of my other songs, “Get Money,” I think it was. It sometimes just feels like Lil’ Kim season, and this mixtape is going to be an advertisement [for that]. We’re painting everything up right now.”

All I can say is don’t be upset about the photos when you are the one posting them. What do you think of Lil Kim, the Queen Bee of Bad Boy?