Molly Ringwald: From John Hughs Movies to Singing

Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald, recalls her John Hughes movies to what she loves along with enjoying a successful career as a singer.

Molly Ringwald accomplishments include a couple of major television roles, she wrote a novel plus a self-help book, an advice column and even recorded an album. She is most known for Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink. Molly reflects, “I think I was blessed to be given the opportunity to be in those Brat Pack movies. I think they’re great movies, and I’m proud of my work in them…on the other hand, I have continued to work and do other things.” She Expresses, “I just get bored. I keep going back to those movies when I don’t have anything new to say about them.” She admits, “If you have any lucidity, or if you are prone to anxiety, which I think I have been my whole life, you always have the feeling that it’s going to change.”

Molly reveals how 16 Candles changed her personal life. “After my first movie, I showed up two months late to seventh grade, and all of my friends had abandoned me, she said. Even though her personal life was in ruin, Ringwald expresses, “Those movies were so important to the people who watched them…I think they offered a different way to be a teenager – how to not feel so bad about feeling like an outsider”

Fast forward to now, Molly said her career has not always been an easy road. “It was definitely traumatic,” she laughs. “Particularly for a woman who’s made a career in Hollywood…Hollywood isn’t exactly known for its best practices in terms of ageism.” She adds, “In other terms, I found it very freeing because there is something confining about the incredible success of those [teen] movies, at least in America.” Molly spoke about turning 40+. “They’d run all the time on television and I’m so well-known for them … there was something about turning 40 that was just like, there’s no denying I’m a grown-up.” The mom of three says, “I just started to do everything … All the things I do other than act, I did after I was 40. I started singing, I had two more kids, it was like everything that I’ve been doing I did after 40.”

Music has continued to be one of Molly’s longest passions. This month, she is in Australia to perform her intimate cabaret concerts which includes Bird’s Basement in Melbourne. Molly’s father, Bob Ringwald, a blind Jazz pianist is her inspiration. She states, “I have been a singer before I could talk.” She adds, “It was what I did before I acted or anything else. My plan was to do it as a little side project and then it ended up becoming something more.” Molly Ringwald concludes, “I feel like [when I’m] at the end of my life, I’m going to be able to look back and say, ‘Wow, that was really interesting and totally unexpected.  I did everything I could possibly do.’” That’s Awesome!