Kaki King: Her Musical Talking Guitar

Kaki King

Last week I had very different musical experience when I saw Kaki King perform with her “talking guitar.

It was a visual experience that took your mind on a wild ride. Kaki King uses her guitar as a vessel to speak to the audience. Instead of vocals, the guitar illuminates as she plays and she has a back screen that lights up behind her, with the assistance of her engineer. It is quite stimulating to your senses and has a psychedelic and trippy feel to the performance. I had actually not seen anything like it before. It was amazing how one person and a guitar with visuals can be so expressive without any vocals. It was just incredible.

The innovative Kaki King is touring her eighth album on her tour, The Neck is the Bridge to the Body. She is an artist and songwriter from Atlanta. Her guitar playing is absolute perfection and you could just listen to her alone she is so good. Kaki King shared what to expect in her performances with Vanyaland. She stated, “Every time a band or an artist goes onto a stage, there is an amount of technical hookup that has to occur. My technical side of things is not even that big, but it sort of has this feeling and this appearance of being very high-tech. It’s not anything at the moment. It’s not just a musical performance. It’s not cinema. It’s not theater. It’s not exactly performance art, but that sort of edges a little bit closer, so I feel like a multi-media performance based around the guitar is the best way to define it.”

Kaki King went on to say, “It’s a really small show. I mean as far as gear is concerned, I have the guitar, I have a case full of stands and seats and screws and things that hold the guitar up. Then I have two small projectors to light things up and then I have two small computers. So, this whole show can fit into two checked bags and two carry-on bags. It’s very mobile and I designed it like that. I’m always seeing other things and saying that’s an amazing show and I wish I could have done that and incorporate another idea, but there’s no way that you can just throw that on an airplane. That’s one of the benefits of the way the show is designed and produced; that it goes easily on the road. I do have a video engineer that comes with me, like a second person performing, but it’s a very small team, that’s one of the benefits. The show can be put on anywhere.” If you are in for a new musical and visual experience you may like seeing Kaki King perform. Are you ready to go to a show?

Photo: Instagram/Kaki King