Mel B Guest Judging on The X-Factor

Mel B

The former Spice Girl, Mel B who was known as Scary Spice is going to be a guest judge on the X-factor, but don’t forget she was fired in 2015 from the show.

Mel BIt sounds as though Simon Cowell has plans for Mel B now that he is playing all nice. According to the UK Sun, Simon has regretted that he did not sign the Spice Girls 20 years ago and it was one of his biggest mistakes. It was revealed that Cowell wants to be the one to grab the Spice Girls for a 20th anniversary comeback and Mel B is part of his plan. Having Mel B on the X-factor was his first step. A backstage source at the show said, “Simon is desperate to make a new Spice Girls album.” He doesn’t want to miss out after the first time around. Apparently Cowell has made Mel B a formal offer and was begging Mel and the rest of the band to sign with him. The source continued, “He spent the auditions last week quizzing Mel about the band and said he would do ‘something mega’ if they signed with him. Continuing the source said, “He kept asking if they were going to be producing new music and said if so, he wants to do it with them. He even went as far as warning Mel that they’d better not talk to any other labels before meeting with him.” This backstage source added, “Mel deliberately kept coy and told him they ‘hadn’t finalized everything’, but he wouldn’t leave it alone.”

Mel B and the Spice Girls tried to get Simon Cowell’s attention back in the day and even performed in a car park. Here is what Mel B shared, “Simon was coming out of work and we kind of hijacked the car park he was in and just sang for him. “We said, ‘Look, we’re going to be famous one day, can you sign us?’ Simon had said, ‘No, it’s not going to work’.” Last year it was reported that Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls refused to take part in a reunion and Mel C is reportedly the most recent band member to drop out. You never know, Simon Cowell may be just the right person to bring the Spice Girls together. Mel B has said, “I’m always down for a Spice Girls reunion. I love the Scary hair and platforms. Any time of day or night I’ll be there.” Would you like to see the Spice Girls get back together?

Photo: Instagram/Mel B