Elizabeth Mitchell The Purge: Election Year

Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell portrays Senator Charlie Roan who is and upstart presidential candidate in The Purge: Election Year.

Elizabeth Mitchell stars in The Purge: Election Year, which is the third installment of the franchise. Elizabeth Mitchell’s character is that of a strong senator who is actually reflective of Hillary Clinton. The Purge is a film that takes place in the future of America in which for one night a year all crime, including murder is legal. Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, Senator Charlie Roan is against the NFFA establishment. Her platform for the role is to eliminate The Purge.

The premise of the move is extremely scary as it’s about the government having a way to wipe out the lower class of the population who cannot afford the secure fortresses of the rich. The NRA and insurance companies reap all the profits. When you think of what is going on today with the unjust killing of many Black Americans, it hits home big time. The movie itself has grown more intense with each film. Even Elizabeth Mitchell spoke about how the intent of the film is for people to see what could happen. The star of Once Upon A Time said she was happy to be the voice and “shining light.”

The franchise has been continuing its quest of showing how the government’s goal is to keep the population in check. This annual twelve-hour blood bath includes insane people out to kill whomever they want. The Purge horror hit has a breakout star, Frank Grillo who’s character in The Purge: Anarchy who wanted to purge himself, ends up helping a group of people for the night of the purge. This time, in The Purge: Election Year, he is the head of security for the Senator. The star of Lost said she enjoyed working with Frank Grillo, especially when he had his shirt off. Mitchell said that he is a type of tough guy on one side and was a big brother to the cast and very supportive.

Elizabeth Mitchell is no stranger to sci-fi having starred in Lost, V and Revolution Dead Of Summer. When she first got the role she did not realize how violent the film was. Elizabeth felt the film and its premise was quite scary overall. You need to see for yourself. I have seen all three of the franchise and this one is my favorite. There was great character development and I really felt the movie was excellent. Will you be watching Elizabeth Mitchell in The Purge: Election Year?