Michelle Monaghan Talks Meyerism + Joins Patriots Day

michelle monaghan

Michelle Monaghan has played a love interest to Tom Cruise, Shia Labeouf and now Mark Wahlberg in Patriots Day as she taps into her religious side for Meyerism on Hulu.

Michelle Monaghan officially joined the cast of Patriots Day back in March. “Patriots Day” chronicles the events surrounding the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing. Monaghan will play Carol Saunders, the wife of Sgt. Tommy Saunders (Wahlberg), both of whom are composite characters. The film will open in Boston, New York and Los Angeles on December 21, 2016.  Michelle Monaghan was recently on the new Hulu series The Path, playing a woman named Sarah. Here is what she said about her character who was born into a cult-y religion called Meyerism. Michelle said, “I liked that this show felt inventive in the ways it explored religion and faith.”

She feels Sarah is among the most “enlightened,” and her faith is absolutely unwavering. She adds, “What I find so interesting is that there’s a real calmness about her.” Monaghan continues to elaborate, “She has these convictions and these beliefs that she feels very strongly about and that give her strength.” In the show the sense of stability is disrupted when her husband, Eddie (Aaron Paul), returns from a Meyerist ayahuasca ceremony in Peru. That is when things turn left in the film.  Monaghan reveals that was the key element that drew her to the role of Sarah. It was the opportunity to explore that sort of life impasse.

Monaghan was raised as a “fairly religious” Catholic who relates on some levels saying, “I remember listening to the readings and thinking, ‘Why do I need a priest to absolve my sins when I have a direct line to God myself?’” She goes on to say, “And I always took issue with why women couldn’t be priests. I thought we weren’t practicing what we’re preaching about inclusivity.” Monaghan, who starred in the first season of True Detective, hopes the show will spark similar watercooler conversations and conspiracy theorizing. I love Michelle Monaghan in movies. What do you think about her?