5 Things You Should Know About US Swimming Sensation Natalie Coughlin

Natalie Coughlin

Olympic Gold Medalist Natalie Coughlin is a legendary swimmer who bagged 12 Olympic medals in a row. Besides swimming, Coughlin is passionate about cooking, gardening , grocery shopping, hiking and much more things

Check out the top 5 things Natalie loves to do outside of swimming…

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An Urban Gardener

Natalie loves gardening and has an interest in growing food since childhood. She is growing lot of veggies, berries and fruits.  She has citrus trees, seven seasonal vegetable beds, and few chickens for eggs. Kale is one of her favorite vegetables. She prepares scrumptious smoothies and  chips from it. She loves salad, meyer lemons, mission figs, alpine strawberries, tomatoes and peppers . She has also have free-range chickens for eggs.

Wine Lover

Natalie’s love for wine is not too old and she loves to drink a glass of wine with dinner every night. She thinks drinking wine is a symbol of pursuing a healthier lifestyle.  She perceived this habit from her parents that used to drink the same way she is doing now. She enjoys her wine with evening meals. For Natalie, it is now a tradition!

Health-Conscious Foodie

Natalie believes in staying healthy comes from making all the right decisions while selecting healthy foods and eating it in the right way.  Last season’s Olympic gold medalist winner is inclined to eat plant-based foods, quality protein, and whole grains plus drinking lots of water.  Breakfast includes coffee, whole-grain oatmeal or farro with dried fruit or banana and chopped almonds is a good way to start the day, along with a smoothie which is fuel for her body. Natalie’s routine meal consists of almond milk, frozen dark cherries, chia seeds, almond butter, eggs, rice and avocado or banana.  She also eats alot of vegetables and salad.

Kick Ass Exerciser

Natalie believes that you should focus on your journey, not your destination, and her journey includes getting up at 4.15 am and swimming, everyday.  She does pilates, yoga and pull ups for full body workouts and for her arms she does push ups. She likes to do squats, lunges and tuck jumps for her legs.

A Good Hiker

Natalie likes to go for hikes as she is living in Northern California which is known for spectacular hike trails with great views.  Natalie has two dogs who are her best hiker buddies.  She likes to take them on long walks or hikes.







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