The Go-Gos Farewell Tour


The first ever all-girl band, the Go-Gos who formed in 1978 have planned their farewell tour which started  August 1, 2016.

The Go-Gos consists of Jane Wiedlin, Belinda Carlisle, Charlotte Caffey and Gina Schock. They are most well-known for We Got The Beat and Our Lips Are Sealed. The founding members of the Go-Gos are guitarist Jane Wiedlin who was known as Jane Drano at that time, singer, Belinda Carlisle and bassist Margot Olavarria. The Go-Gos added Elissa Bello on drums and lead guitarist Charotte Caffey and the original more punk style of the band turned more to pop. That is when We Got The Beat was born. The song was successful and in wanting commercial success, the Go-Go’s replaced Bello and Olavarria with drummer, Gina Schock and Bassist Kathy Valentine. These ladies held together and have remained the Go-Gos despite breaking up in 1985.

Belinda Carlisle felt destined for success. She said, “We had no doubts we’d be rich and famous. I remember standing at the copy machine when I was working as a secretary at the Hilton Hotel Corporation in Century City, thinking, ‘I’m not going to be doing this much longer.’” Carlisle also said, “My life is a series of manifestations. Looking back, I believe that energetically, you can achieve anything you want to achieve. That’s what we did, against all odds. It was a total energetic thing. I know it sounds airy-fairy, but to me, no other explanation makes sense.”

Back in the Go-Gos prime they were amazing. Their concerts revolutionized the girl power movement and paved the way for other all-female bands to make their marks in the music scene. Over the years the ladies have still reunited to tour as a group despite solo careers. The last tour of the Go-Gos was back in 2014. The legendary Go-Go’s told Entertainment Weekly, “After a 38-year run, we are gearing up for one last blast of a summer tour. We feel so lucky and so grateful to have had the incredible support of our fans for so long. We can’t wait to get out on the road and give the people what they want: some loud, fast music and a great party!” The Go-Gos tour started in Clearwater, FL. On August 2nd. If you have never seen them, I do recommended you check them out. Will you be putting the Go-Go’s on your concert calendar?