Alexis Dziena: Updates and New Movie

Alexis Dziena

Alexis Dziena mostly known for her roles on Entourage, When In Rome, Fool’s Gold and Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist has a new movie in post-production.

Alexis DzienaAlexis Dziena’s new film is Without Ward. The Film was due out in August 22nd, but there has not been much news regarding the film. Without Ward was written and directed by Cory Cataldo. Alexis Dziena is portraying Scout Finch and the film is a mix of drama, romance and Sci-Fi. Alexis Dziena could use a new movie as she has not been filming much for the last few years.

The Joan of Arcadia actress has been in the news with a variety of articles about her personal life. Recently it was reported that there was news about the 32-year-old actress and her partner splitting up, but the story appeared to have been rumor based and not true. On the flip side of her relationship another conflicting article also rumor based had the Broken Flowers star getting engaged. It is absolutely ridiculous how so many sites are all just lies and speculation.

Alexis has a strong background in theater as she studied in New York at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. The star of Evol: The Theory of Love wrote as well as acted while in plays. The Sex and Breakfast star got her first role in front of the camera at age seventeen.

The Sister actress, Alexis Dziena has starred opposite Marcia Gay Harden in a coming of age movie, She’s Too Young for Cable. The Wrong actress was even a regular on the ABC series Invasion. An interesting tidbit is that she had portrayed a Russian girl on Law & Order early in her career and had a memorable performance, that Alexis is still being asked if she can do an American accent. Now that is good acting. Are you a fan of Alexis Dziena?