Nadine Velazquez Movie Updates

Nadine Velazquez

Nadine Velazquez has been on many television series as well as had a role in Ride Along 2 this year.

Nadine Velazquez starred with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.  The Puerto Rican beauty is portrayed as the girlfriend of Ken Jeong in the movie. Latina spoke with the star about filming Ride Along 2 and more.  Nadine Velazquez had previously worked with Kevin Hart on Real Husbands of Hollywood. Nadine shared this about reuniting with Kevin Hart, “That was really fun.  Every time I work with him it’s amazing. He’s such a huge star now and his personality and work has gotten even better. He knows who he is so much more than ever. It’s really beautiful.”

The My Name is Earl actress said the main reason she was attracted to the role was working with Kevin Hart again. Nadine said, “I mean I don’t have a huge role on this, but it doesn’t matter like it’s the fact that its them; the people who are behind it are the ones I fell in love with and know I’ll be working with again; so for me it was just an opportunity to have some fun, to do a fun role, to be funny and to meet some heavy hitters in Hollywood.”

When the Six mini-series actress was asked if this role is different from other or similar roles she has played in the past, she said, “You know it’s not similar. I’ve done comedy before, but I haven’t done a film in a really long time so that’s different and it’s new. It’s finally happening so I think that’s the new thing that its film and I’m doing comedy in a film.”

Nadine Velazquez has been having a busy year filming. The Major Crimes actress has a variety of films on the way.  They include: A World Away, Within, Sharon 1. 2. 3., Discarnate, The Charnel House, Aztec Warrior and The Bounce Back.   Will you be watching Nadine Velazquez in any of her upcoming roles?