Cara Delevingne Is A Mile High Club Member

Cara Delevingne

The Suicide Squad actress Cara Delevingne and former model candidly opens up about her sexcapades, revealing that she is a member of the mile-high club.

Cara DelevingneAt one time Cara Delevingne, the bisexual star actually complained when she was in flight to the stewardess about a voyeur having sex on a plane. Well, the young actress, Cara Delevingne candidly shared that she too is a member of the mile-high club. Cara Delevingne spoke very openly when she and her co-star Margot Robbie had a joint interview about Suicide Squad for LOVE magazine.

When Cara was asked about her craziest sexual exploits, the 23-year-old did not hold back. Cara Delevingne did not disclose any names of whom she was with, but the star is currently dating singer, St. Vincent. Cara bragged, “I’ve had sex in planes a lot, but I’ve always been caught. It’s super-hard not to get caught.” The non-discrete actress said that one of her crude adventures caught the eye of another passenger. The man would not stop looking at her on the plane, so she complained to the flight attendant. Cara went on to explain… The Paper Towns actress said, “I had sex in the chair on the plane and there was a guy watching. We ended up telling the air stewardess what was happening.” The Pan actress added, “Like, this guy keeps staring at us. Can you tell him to stop?”

Of course you have to wonder whom Cara may have been talking about in this situation. The Anna Karenina actress has been linked in the past to actress, Michelle Rodriguez and Harry Styles of One Direction. Cara was quoted, “I just don’t think that I trust men. That’s the problem. I can appreciate a beautiful-looking man, but he’s not my type.” She is obviously drawn to both men and women and will hopefully find the love she is looking for. Cara appears to live her life the way she wants to and is truly very comfortable with herself. What do you think of Cara Delevingne being a member of the mile-high club?