7 Current And Best Female Singers Of 2016

Best Female Singers

There are real talented singers in the industry.  We put together a list of  the 7 best female singers of 2016!

We have selected seven of the best female singers of 2016 even though there are many more than seven.  We can always add on at a later time.  For now here is our first set of 7 female singers we feel are the best. Before you checkout our list understand one thing… This list is solely about vocal range and skill set. This is NOT about album sales of hit singles currently on the charts.  This is straight up only about vocals.

Here is the HerDaily.com 7 Current and Best Female Singers of 2016:

7. Ariana Grande

Best Female Singers

This pint-sized singer can blow. Ariana has hit after hit and in due time she will be like Mariah Carey in another 5 years. The teenage girls love her.

6. Fantasia

Best Female Singers

Fantasia was the standout performer during the amazing Tribute to Missy Elliott at the Hip Hop Honors, which included Monica and Tweet.

5. Beyonce

Best Female Singers

This is becoming Beyoncé’s year in music with her Lemonade visual album. Bey landed 11 nominations for the 2016 MTV Music Awards.

4. Lady Gaga

Best Female Singers

Lady Gaga. There is not much to say about Gaga accept greatness never cowers. She is truly an amazing artist vocally and visually.

3. Sia

Best Female Singers

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler has taken the music industry by storm her way. Her vocals and songwriting skills are top-notch. After writing for so many HUGE artists, Sia is taking her turn on the mic and killing it.

2. Jennifer Hudson

Best Female Singers

Jennifer Hudson brought down the house at the BET Awards with her tribute to Prince.

1. Adele

Best Female Singers

Adele landed 8 nominations for the 2016 MTV Music Awards for her song and video “Hello.”

Do you agree with our list or is there someone you think should have been on the list.  These ladies have powerful voices.  I could listen to them all day!

Photo: Splash News (Sia)/WENN/Getty