Julie Andrews Directs My Fair Lady 60 Years Later

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Julie Andrews took on the task of bringing this Broadway hit back a whole 60 years later…

On September 6th, the Sydney Opera House opened the anniversary run of the original Broadway production My Fair Lady, a musical that has been around for 60 years now.  My Fair Lady has been one of the most popular Broadway productions of all time. The anniversary show is going to have a relatively short run, though, only lasting from September 6th to November 5th.  Previews of the show, however, had begun as early as August 30th of this year.  Below the article are some stills of the production, courtesy of Playbill.com.

My Fair Lady opened on Broadway in March of 1956 and Julie Andrews is no stranger to this production.  In fact, Andrews was the first actress to play as the iconic character Eliza Doolittle.  Later, when the show would go onto the West End in London, England, Andrews would reprise her role as Doolittle.

Julie Andrews has noted that the production was one of the greatest learning experiences of her life and was extremely glad that she was going to be able to pass on some of the wisdom she received as she was doing the show as a beginner in Broadway.

It had been revealed in March of this year that the goal was to “recreate the production in its entirety” in order to keep the spirit of the original Broadway show alive.  However, this was met with some resistance from critics.  One critic for the Daily Review said that keeping the original ending made the story lack the emotional weight that it had and the potential of giving it away.  Apparently, the ending could do with a little bit of a modern take.  According to the review, the audience didn’t get swept up in the ending as it may have when the production first hit the stage.

However, even with that said, it is still noted in the review that the production still worked very well and had stunning performances.  Julie Andrews has, overall, been praised for her work on the production and fans have enjoyed the experience of this familiar story.

julie andrews

julie andrews




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