‘And She Walked Him’: FOX’S Pitch Review


Seems like everyone is talking about the new FOX TV show, Pitch

Pitch has taken a bit of a turn on the average cable-TV plot line.  A young woman by the name of Ginny Baker has taken the mound at a San Diego Padres’ game.  She has spent her whole life to get here, with the help and inspiration of her father, and her hard work.  Along the way, she of course, deals with sexism coming from men around the league who may feel insecure with the idea of women being in what used to be considered an all-male sport.  However, she also meets and interacts with characters who don’t seem to mind in the least that she is of the opposite sex — all they care about is that she can throw a wicked screwball.

First things first, this show is definitely adult.  The pilot episode had cuss words riddled throughout.  The cussing never reached anything above the s-word, but the four letter words were frequent.  There were also a couple of instances of suggestive dialogue.  For example, Ginny’s friend asks if Ginny has seen her male teammates in the nude as they get ready for a game.  The show also deals with an untimely death that plays a major role in the story’s plot.  With this show being about a female pitcher in the Major Leagues, it’s bound to draw younger girls in with interest, but this is not a show I can recommend for children.

The show itself was relatively good.  The plot is different and something that I don’t think other TV shows have tried to touch.  The dialogue was realistic, the characters were already developing into round ones and the tone was very well done.

The plot line and the details were also very accurate.  Addressed within is the fact that, biologically, a woman cannot pitch as fast as a man can.  This is something the characters realize they cannot control, but instead of allowing that to hinder them, they come up with a solution that still allows the main character to advance to MLB.

The game also looks like a real game.  The show is directly associated with the MLB and that gives it a huge advantage.  At some point, you almost forget you’re watching a fictional TV show — it looks like you have a baseball game on.

However, there are some concerns.  The plot could easily go downhill in regards to romance as it looks like Ginny Baker may already have two potential love interests.  They could do it well, or the writers could fall into old cliches that could make the series hard to swallow.  Another problem, for me, was the last-minute twist.  It meant to be soul-crushing and usually I fall into those tropes.  However, this just didn’t do it for me — it felt shoved in.

Overall, Pitch has potential.  Time will tell if it reaches that potential.


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