The Bizarre Appeal Of The Kardashians


The Kardashian Kraze

Last weekend, Kim Kardashian was robbed for over 10 million dollars’ worth of jewelry. Of course, I feel for her. Nobody deserves that, but how many celebrity news outlets are going to talk this one to death? The public just laps up this kind of reality story like a cat laps up milk. I hate to admit this, but I watch reality television on occasion. With all the deep stuff I read and write about, I indulge in mind candy like The Kardashians. I have a love/hate relationship with this show and these women. I hate to admit that I sort of like them. – There’s no way I will say I love them. Let’s dissect the bizarre appeal of the Kardashians and why millions of people tune into this show, buy the products they’re hocking and follow their Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts. One caveat here: I do not buy any of their products or follow any of their social media. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Why are these women so appealing? Let’s point out the obvious first: they’re outrageous and glamorous. Many women, even cynical intellectual types like myself, love glamour. The less obvious allure is that they are amazing business women. Before the show, they ran a few boutiques and partied with the “it” socialites of Beverly Hills. Then, Kim’s infamous sex tape with then boyfriend, Ray J. emerged. Instead of being slut-shamed and shrinking into the background, Kim evolved into a mega brand, taking her entire family with her. Every step of the way, the marketing mastermind herself, Kris Jenner runs the whole glammed up circus.

Whatever you make of them, over 3 million viewers tune into the unapologetic antics of these women. How many people do nude selfies and photo shoots regularly? What mother besides Kris Jenner smokes medical marijuana with her own mother? They do what they do because they know people will watch to see where the next stop is on the outlandish tour. They don’t back off from anything. In their way, they’re empowered.

Outlandish allows them to have a glam squad while skiing in Vail and then off to Greece, Bora Bora and Thailand. How many millions devoured Kim’s amazing engagement and wedding? We love living vicariously through them when we watch.

Again, the business acumen of Kris Jenner is the foundation of it all. Clearly, this savvy extended to her daughters because their hands are in everything from clothing and cosmetics to energy drinks and books.

Whether you agree with how they ensconced themselves into pop culture or not, they are there. In the process, they created a brand worth millions. They offer no apologies and keep making one lucrative business deal after another. You have to respect their hustle and how they built their brand whether you like them or not. I still won’t admit I like them, though.

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Sameena Mughal

Sameena K. Mughal is an author, blogger, and educator living in West Chester, Pennsylvania, who is passionate about literature. Her debut novel, Shaherazade's Daughters was a feminist homage to the classic 10001 Arabian Nights. Her second book, The Siddiqui Brothers in Cairo follows the adventures of eccentric scientists who, ironically, are too forward- thinking for a time that is known for its forward- thinking, the Golden Age of Islam. She also writes sociopolitical commentary on her Behind and Beyond the Veil at