SNL Shows What REALLY Happens If You Diss Beyonce

the Beygency SNL

Listen up, all the single ladies — and everyone else. Don’t even think about dissing Beyonce. Ever. Thanks to a hilarious skit by Andrew Garfield and Saturday Night Live that aired this weekend, we finally know what REALLY happens if you diss Beyonce: You get captured by The Beygency.

In the hilarious SNL skit (watch it below), Andrew Garfield’s character is at a party with friends. He admits he didn’t like Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” song. Horrified, his friends try to get him to say he’s joking. When Andrew doesn’t, The Beygency comes after him.

Andrew runs for his life as he’s chased down by The Beygency. His credit card stops working and his driver’s license photo disappears, all because he thought he could diss the Queen Bey and get away with it. Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub appear in a quick cameo as their characters from 24, attempting to help Andrew escape… but they get shot in the head for saying Beyonce’s only good song was “To The Left.”

We couldn’t stop laughing during this funny video — and Beyonce herself thought it was great, too. She Instagrammed the photo (see top) with the caption, “Haaaaaaaa.”

If there IS a Beygency, the entire Her Daily staff totally volunteers to help capture anyone who doesn’t bow down to our favorite singer.

Did you watch the video? What was your fave part?