7 Most Powerful Women Under 40 In The World

Earlier this week, Forbes released their annual list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World.

Based on wealth, media presence, influence, and impact, this year’s top 100 includes heads of state, self-made billionaires, visionary entrepreneurs, social media mavens, and even a few of today’s hottest celebrities.

In total, they represent a social media presence of almost 475 million fans and followers. The combined net worth of the 15 billionaires who made the cut? A staggering $75 billion!

Perhaps the most inspiring thing about this year’s list of ladies is that seven of them are still under 40! Check them out:

1. Beyonce

Coming in at number 21 on the list, 33-year-old Beyonce is the highest ranking woman under 40 this year.

2. Marissa Mayer

The 39-year-old President and CEO of Yahoo! was number 22 this year. Marissa actually turns 40 tomorrow, (May 30th), but we won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

3. Angelina Jolie

At No. 54, the award winning actress (and my personal fav) is also 39-year-old, but only for a few more days. Jolie turns 40 next Thursday, June 4th.

4. Taylor Swift

Just 25-years-old, this pop princess is the youngest person on this year’s list. It is also Swift’s first time on the list, (No. 64).

5. Elizabeth Holmes

The youngest self-made billionaire to make the list, the 31-year-old founder of Theranos came in at number 72.

6. Shakira

This 38-year-old Colombian singer, songwriter, and sensational dancer is also a philanthropist, earning her the No. 81 spot this year.

7. Yao Chen

Last but not least, (No. 82), this 35-year-old Chinese actress has over 71 million fans on the Chinese social media site, Sina Weibo.

Melissa Dahlke

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