Album Review: Lana Del Rey’s ‘Honeymoon’

Lana Del Rey, New Album, Honeymoon

Lana Del Rey’s vintage-inspired voice makes pink flamingoes sound like the most riveting thing in the world.

Loyal Lana fans will not be disappointed by Honeymoon, her third studio album. These new tracks represent her trademark style, containing the same fascination with love and romance, reminiscent of a different era. Lana’s low, bluesy voice makes it impossible to stop listening, while grainy music videos like “High By the Beach,” make it impossible to stop watching.

The entire album plays like a continuation, with each song feeding off the last, providing a perfect segway to the next. Out of the fourteen songs on the album, there are a few that particularly stand out . “God Knows I Tried,” a song that describes Lana’s relentless struggle to find meaning in life after fame, is the kind of music playing in the background of a TV show, where the main character is nursing a broken heart and swigging a glass of wine. Although I doubt it was her lyrical intention, but can you say relatable?

Another winner on this album is “Religion,” which alludes to the idea of loving someone so much that they become what you live for, or your “religion.” The melody is intoxicating. I listened to this song on repeat more times than I can count and couldn’t get enough of it. For fans of Lana’s “Gods and Monsters” on Paradise, this song is definitely a product of the same vein.

Similar to that of “Ride” in Born to Die, Lana once again includes a monologue. “If all time is eternally present, all time is unredeemable,” Lana croons in the dreamlike “Burnt Norton (Interlude),” a line from a T.S. Elliot poem.

In “Music to Watch Boys To,” Lana sings in a low, smoky voice that “nothing gold can stay.” She’s completely right because it would come as a huge shock if this album doesn’t hit platinum.

Anamaria Glavan

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