8 Halloween Costumes for Wannabe Blondes

Khaleesi (Game of Thrones)

Do blondes have more fun? It’s a question I’ve asked my brunette self since the age of six, when I realized that both Cinderella and Barbie rocked much lighter hues than my own. After several failed attempts at using at-home hair dye and getting incredibly expensive highlights, I realized that I was destined to be a woman of the dark hair variety. The only other option that one has is wearing a wig which, for obvious reasons,  just doesn’t work for anyone on a daily basis. But Halloween? What is the purpose of this spooky holiday if not for changing one’s appearance (and eating copious amounts of candy)?

For all of my wannabe-but-too-scared-to-dye-their-locks brunette and redhead friends out there, here are eight unique costume ideas that allow you to be blonde for the night.

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad: For this one, you’ll need a long blonde wig that you can style into two pigtails. If you want to channel Margot Robbie’s character, you should consider dyeing the ends purple or pink. Then, get some fishnet tights, a short flare skirt, tight baseball tee and some cool heels. Also, want an excuse to wear crazy color eyeliner and red lipstick? Look no further.

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones: Want to pretend you’re on a mission to capture the Iron Throne? Get yourself some brown harem pants and a beige suede halter top. Style your long blonde wig into a half-up, half-down do’ and french braid the back. If you want to add a funny twist, I once saw a woman carrying a green balloon with a picture of a dragon on it.

Daisy from The Great Gatsby: This iconic character is symbolic of the entire flapper era. Put a feather in your short blonde wig, grab some pearls, and wear your favorite fringe dress, preferably lighter in color.

Fembot from Austin Power: Want to be a beautiful robot? Then be a fembot! Rock a 60’s style blonde wig, the ridiculous poof and all, with a babydoll pink dress, white gloves and metallic silver kitten heels. Yeah baby, yeah.

Sarah from Hocus Pocus: Being Sarah for Halloween requires dark lipstick, an almost-white wig, and either a medieval looking dress or a bodice and flowy skirt. A costume of witchy proportions, without the witch hat. Also, this is the perfect idea for a group costume. Get yourself a Mary and Winnie, and I guarantee that the photo opportunities for a great squad pic will be endless… and hysterical.

Sandy from Grease: An outfit that involves leather? Tell me about it, stud. Leather pants, curly wig, fake cigarette, black crop top and chic biker jacket will make you the perfect Sandy. Got a boyfriend? Make him your Danny Zuko, and your couple costume will be good to go.

Garth from Wayne’s World: Calling all goofballs. Want to have a party? Excellent. Being Garth Algar will guarantee a night of fun and laughs. Get yourself a mildly frizzy blond wig, fake black glasses (or, if you’re me, just wear your prescription ones), ripped up boyfriend jeans, plaid shirt and you’re good to go. Chances are, you probably already have at least half of the costume, so this idea is also great for those of you have been a tad bit lazy about planning in advance.

Elle Woods from Legally Blond: Congratulations on getting into law school! Now, you have to dress the part. Get yourself a platinum blonde wig, a ridiculous pink hat and, of course, a matching pink suit. A toy dog would certainly help your cause.




Anamaria Glavan

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