How to Pretend You’re Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid - 2015 MuchMusic Video Awards Gigi Hadid - 2015 MuchMusic Video Awards

Why is this world so obsessed with modern day “It Girl,” Gigi Hadid? It seems that I can’t log onto Instagram or check Twitter without seeing a gorgeous picture or viral post of the supermodel. Whether she’s posing for a high fashion ad, or simply dodging the paparazzi while wearing workout gear in NYC, people simply cannot get enough of this chick.

So, the real question is, how can we pretend to be her, either for a couple minutes in front of our mirror, or for a whole night out on the town?

It’s totally possible, because for the last two years I’ve successfully pretended to be Beyonce while doing my makeup on weekend nights, so being Gigi should be easy peezy. You just have to blast that music and really focus, girl.

1. While doing your makeup, aim for the “Glazed Donut” look. Gigi basically looks like the sexiest glazed donut in existence. Golden hair, bronze face, round cheekbones. I always knew donuts were the epitome of sex appeal. Maybe if I keep eating them everyday, I’ll turn into Gigi Hadid. That sounds pretty accurate.

2. Always make sure to be standing on an elevated surface, therefore people will automatically assume you’re a six foot supermodel, and not an average five foot three commoner.

3. Put pictures of Joe Jonas as your phone screensaver, to let everyone know that he’s your new exclusive boyfriend. The celebrity couple nickname given to you by the public is “G.I. Joe,” (oh em gee, I can’t handle the cuteness).

4. Post pictures to Instagram documenting all of your luxurious travels. NYC, LA, St. Tropez, and Paris are merely weekly shenanigans (you can manage to successfully hit all these destinations with photoshop). To really be convincing, never go anywhere without at least three large travel suitcases. Everyone at the grocery store will definitely assume you’re just Gigi Hadid fresh off the plane.

5. It’s common knowledge that you’re a member of Taylor Swift’s exclusive and coveted friend group, so keeping a wallet size picture of Taylor, Kendall, Karlie, and the rest of the gang would be a good idea (just so you can show your grandma all of your famous and fun friends doing famous and fun things. So famous, so fun, so flirty).

6. Your ex-boyfriend is Australian pop-star Cody Simpson. So, blasting his music throughout your apartment while lighting his old clothes on fire and drinking a bottle of red wine sounds like the perfect Gigi Friday night. Breaking up sucks even when you’re a celebrity, right?

7. Finally, make sure you never leave the house without wearing your “I am Gigi Hadid” shirt. Duh, that’s a no-brainer.

Danniah Daher

22-year-old writer, cat lover, runner. Buy me donuts and we can be friends.