6 Best Workout Albums via Spotify

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If you’re anything like me, finding the motivation to work out on a daily basis is incredibly hard. However, have you considered that you’re listening to the wrong music whilst exercising? I recently changed up my Spotify playlist and found that certain albums give me the fuel to run that extra mile. While I can’t guarantee that these playlists will always tear you away from watching America’s Next Top Model reruns (we’ve all been there), here’s a lazy girl’s guide to the perfect work out jams via Spotify.

1. Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay
Don’t think that running and singing along to Chris Martin goes hand in hand? Then you probably haven’t listened to Coldplay’s newer material. Mylo Xyloto is filled with a bunch of dance-y, feel good tracks that would wake even a sloth from a peaceful slumber (myself, included). “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” is a personal favorite off the album.

2. Bleed AmericanJimmy Eat World
Talk about a throwback. If you’re not in the mood to listen to some techno/electronic/hip-hop kind of stuff while you’re on the treadmill, than this is the perfect uplifting rock album for you. Both “Sweetness” and “The Middle” (AKA, say it ain’t so) are featured on the album. Need I say more?

3. Queen of the Clouds, Tove Lo
This Swedish beauty’s debut album is an amazing  collection of synthpop jams that focus a lot of attention on relationship drama. If you’ve been in a not-too-great relationship lately, or even the opposite, you’ll probably find yourself in this album. Her hit “Habits (Stay High)” is featured on this album, as well as “Not on Drugs.”

4. Forever, Alesso
The debut album of Swedish-born Alesso includes hits like “Heroes (We Could Be),” featuring the above-mentioned, also Swedish-born, Tove Lo. Fun fact: David Bowie helped write this particular song.

5. Passive Me, Aggressive You, The Naked and Famous
Haven’t heard of this Auckland-based group? You have if you’ve watched Pitch Perfect – their song “Punching in a Dream” is playing in the background when Anna Kendrick first goes to her college radio station.  Their synthpop style album was met with critical praise, and features uplifting songs such as “Young Blood.” Trust me, it’ll become your new favorite album after just one listen.

6. Peace is the Mission, Major Lazer
Released last June, Major Lazer’s newest album is a testament to their usual electronic roots, infused with reggae beats. Some gems off this record include “Too Original” featuring Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell, “Blaze Up the Fire” featuring Chronixx, and the Ariana Grande collaboration on “All My Love.” Also, let’s not forget about the international hit, “Lean On” featuring MØ – does anyone else get as happy as I do when I hear this song at a party?

Anamaria Glavan

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