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Greetings Her Daily readers. The site is filled with so much interesting and useful information for women. But I think it’s missing one thing: sports news. I firmly believe EVERYONE should know a little bit of what is going on in sports, so they can feel comfortable conversing with their friends, family, clients and coworkers. It’s no fun being left out of the conversation because you don’t know about the “big game.” So have no fear. This will be straight forward and simple, and the more you check in with Her Daily #SportBits, the more your sports prowess will grow. And who knows, you might end up a total sports fanatic, like me.

Here is my background: I am #4 in a family of 5 girls. I think I felt so bad my dad didn’t have any boys, I started watching sports at a VERY young age and it stuck. I love being a sports fan, and as heartbreaking as it can be at times, there is nothing better than gearing up for a big game and watching it with friends – except being able to discuss, analyze and argue about it later. Women have come a long way in sports and sports broadcasting. So while we’re fighting for equal pay, let’s make sure we have some sports info in our arsenal too. It’s time to stand together, men and women alike, and talk sports! Okay that was a bit dramatic, but you get the point. Here we go.

BASEBALL: The World Series teams are set! The Kansas City Royals play the New York Mets. I know baseball season is long, and it’s tough to invest in the beginning, but it’s the WORLD SERIES! Now we get to the FUN part of the game; teams raise their play, the fans are wild, and there is always something crazy happening (unexpected comebacks, leg-breaking slides, sketchy catches, bench clearing brawls). Plus, everyone will be talking about it. So be ready. The first game is Tuesday night in Kansas City. 8 p.m. EST on Fox. See the full TV schedule here.

MLB #SportBit: The Royals are back in the World Series for the second straight year. I’m thinking they’re on a mission to finish what they started last year, when they came up short, losing to the San Francisco Giants in Game 7 of the Series. Their opponents, the Mets, are certainly up to the task – yet, I think they’re going to have to muster up some magic to beat KC.

FOOTBALL/NFL: We are seven weeks in to a 17-week season, and there are lots of interesting and surprising stories so far. Here are my three picks for the most newsworthy games of Sunday (10/25):

  • New England Patriots v. New York Jets: With a 4-1 record, the Jets probably came into Sunday’s game at Foxboro with confidence and big hopes of taking down the undefeated Pats. It didn’t happen. The Jets lost 30-23, but made the Pats’ quarterback Tom Brady use his arms AND legs to secure the win. On a third-and-10 play in the second quarter Brady ran for 11 yards in the first down. That’s something you don’t see often — 38yr old Brady running the ball (although he DID just say he wants to play in the league another 10 years. If anyone can do it, Brady can). It was that kind of day for the Pats. They needed everything they had to win. They’re now at 6-0 this season and the Jets fall to 4-2.
  • Washington Redskins quarterback, Kirk Cousins led his team to a 31-30 comeback win, over the Tampa Bay Bucs in Landover, Maryland. The Skins were down 24-0 when they stormed back completing the best comeback in team history. At 3-4, maybe this win will give them some momentum to help them move up in the standings.
  • Philadelphia Eagles v. Carolina Panthers: 2 first place teams battled in Charlotte on Sunday night. The Panthers win this one, 27-16 pushing the Eagles to second place behind the NY Giants in the NFC East.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Last year, the Bowl Championship Series was replaced by the College Football Playoff (CFP) system to determine the national championship team. It’s pretty simple: the four best teams play two semifinals games with the winners playing for the national title. What makes the CFP exciting is that EVERY game played during the season counts. One loss and a team can be knocked out of contention. Here are a couple #SportBits to take with you after week 8:

Ohio State is still ranked #1 and is finally looking like a #1 team. They beat Rutgers 49-7. Personally, I think Ohio State has one of the weaker schedules, but things will get a little tougher at the tail end of their season with Michigan and Michigan State looming.

With Utah losing to USC 42-24, the Utes fall in the polls and perhaps out of playoff contention. Did they just have a bad game or are they overrated? They’re still ranked #1 in the Pac-12…but the jury is out.

Like Utah, Florida State was knocked off the list of unbeaten teams with their loss to Georgia Tech, and it came in dramatic fashion! On the final play of the game, Tech blocked a field goal and returned it for the game winning touchdown. Watch it here.

And lastly, Stanford is HOT. The Cardinals won their 6th in a row on Saturday by beating Washington 31-14, and while they might not be in the top four contenders, they aren’t far behind.

MISC. #SportBits:

RECOVERING: Former NBA star Lamar Odom continues his recovery at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles after being found unconscious in a Nevada Brothel two weeks ago. Multiple sources report Odom has suffered up to 12 strokes since his hospitalization. It is unclear as to the extent of damage to his speech and motor skills. Some reports have his kidneys failing. Others say he is improving. One thing is certain: Khloe, and all that is the Kardashians, have not left his side, and the two have called off their divorce.

#SportBits TO WATCH: One of the biggest college powerhouse programs in the country finds itself in a sex scandal. ESPN reports that former assistant coach Andre McGee on the University of Louisville basketball team paid for sex and stripper parties on the school campus for basketball players and recruits. McGee has resigned from his job, but this story ain’t going anywhere. It’s just starting. Stay tuned.

ON THE LIGHTER SIDE: Did you catch the “naked butt” story last Sunday? An NFL network reporter conducted an interview with a Cincinnati Bengals player in the locker room and failed to notice several naked players walking around in the background (which they often do in a locker room). It was broadcast for all to see. In today’s culture of immediacy, fans want instant access and to get as close as possible to all the action, but this might be a bit more than they bargained for!

That’s it for #SportBits. Follow me on Twitter for daily #SportBits news throughout the week, and make sure to check back next Monday for the full rundown. Now go out and spark up a conversation about the World Series…. or naked butts.

M. Coyne

Mary is a 30yr Angeleno who has somehow survived the ups and downs of the Los Angeles sports scene. She encourages her kids and friends to watch the games because she feels everyone should know alittle bit about what is going on in the sports world. #SportBits ... a little bit of info is all you need. Find her at mcsportbits.com

  • Christy

    Really informative Sports news here. What a great resource! Thanks Mary! The only problem is that you are wrong about the Amazins’ likelihood of winning the World Series. With the bullpen they have (and Murphy’s bat), they have an excellent chance of defeating those Royals! You gotta Believe! Let’s Go Mets!

    • Mary C.

      Man, can’t argue with #DMurph…can he keep his streak alive? We’ll see. It may be the magic they’ll need to beat KC. Maybe it’s the #Dodger in me that’s trying to will the Royals to victory. Sorry Christy! And thanks for your comment.

  • Lisa Dorsey

    Wonderful article and great addition to the website. Finally sports for the ladies!!!! We need more!

    • Mary Coyne

      Thanks Lisa! Glad you like it. Let me know if there is something you’re specifically interested in.

  • Michelle

    Love it! I am a big laker fan and was happy to see the opening game last night but not so happy that they lost by 1 at 111 against the wolverines. We need a lot of help, so another season begins! Basketball gets all the bad wrap lol.