New App is a Selfie Game Changer

If I’m going to be completely honest (which I always am with HerDaily readers!), I have never categorized myself as a ‘selfie’ kinda girl. My makeup skills are far inferior to fellow 20-somethings, and my hair has never done that ‘I just rolled out of bed and I’m still gorgeous’ look. (Actually, most of the time I’m lucky if after an hour of styling I’m not trying to pull off the ‘frizzy hair don’t care’ look.)

Needless-to-say, it came as a complete shock to hear my boyfriend say he thought I was the kind of chick that loved selfies. Excuse me, does he even know me?

Though, after further Insta-investigation, I have to admit, my solo selfie game may be weak, but my duo selfie game is embarrassingly strong. I love a good ‘hi this is me and my awesome BFF’ pic or ‘look at me and my boyfriend being perfectly goofy’ shot. So, fine, I like the occasional seflie.

Well, for selfie lovers (since apparently that includes me) there’s a new app in town that is a serious game changer. Boomerang is an app that takes your selfie and stitches it into a high-quality, Insta-worthy, GIF-ifys. The GIF will then play the short video on loop for your followers on Instagram, Facebook, or send in direct text message to your BFFs.

How it works:  

  1. Hold the play button down and snap a two second vid or pose (i.e. apply lipstick, dig into your #foodie meal or make funny photobooth faces with your BFF).
  2. Let Boomerang do the rest. The app will stitch together your photos in a GIF that will play on a loop.
  3. Add the perfect caption and post to Instagram or Facebook immediately.
  4. Let the liking commence!

Don’t just take our word for it, celebs are getting in on the action too! Just download Boomerang and try not to be addicted — seriously, it’s refined yours truly (a once selfie hater)!

Jackie Thomas

Jackie graduated Rutgers University and currently works at an internship, turned big girl job (yes, that really happens!) at The Wall Street Journal. As a Springsteen loving Jersey girl, she loves to run, write, waste money at happy hour with her best friends and obsess over the latest episode of The Bachelor.