Jodie Foster Talks Female Hero + Money Monster

Jodie Foster

The French speaking Jodie Foster attended the Cannes Film Festival back in 1976 for Taxi Driver and now returns 40 years later with her own film, Money Monster.

Money Monster is one of Jodie Foster’s highly motivated directorial projects. The movie has box office draws that includes Julia Roberts and George Clooney.  It is a thriller involving a multi-billion-dollar Wall Street heist. One of the best things as a woman is that the movie’s females are the problem solvers. It is refreshing to see more movies with women behind the driver’s seat, including director, Jodie Foster.

Jodie Foster interviewed with Vanity Fair and she spoke about Money Monster and her career. Foster said this about Julia Robert’s role, “She really is the hero of the movie and is able to multi-task and get more done in this crisis than even authorities.” Foster continued, “She’s producing Clooney’s survival, and unlike many of Hollywood’s other lifesaving women, Roberts gets to do so without being vacuum-packed into spandex and six-inch heels.”

Jodie Foster spoke about her tastes in what material she enjoys. Foster said, “I tend to be drawn to really dark dramas that don’t have a lot of lightness to them as an actress.” Jodie went on to say, “As a director, I can’t make a movie unless there’s some comedy to it. I have to be able to look at my life and laugh a little bit. I’m not that interested, honestly, in directing a film that doesn’t have different facets to my personality.” In regards to comedy the Elysium actress said, “Is not my genre as an actor. It really isn’t. It’s really hard work, by the way, much harder than doing dramas, and it requires you to keep that energy throughout.” Jodie spoke about George Clooney and Julia Roberts, “They have this dynamic that precedes the movie.” She continued, “This baggage they bring or this connection as brother and sister, this bond that they have, it just infuses their relationship without even having to try.”

Jodie Foster shared why she was attracted to this script. She stated, “I was interested in this idea of men and failure and their overwhelming need to measure themselves.” She went on to say, “There’s no place where you get to see that sense of disappointment and failure more than in the eyes of the women who love them. That dynamic was really interesting to me.” Jodie Foster certainly is a polished veteran who knows how to pick an acting or directing project that will be successful. She has the skill, talent and appeal to make big box office films. She has already had an incredible career in front of the camera and from behind the camera. Did you get a chance to see Money Monster, directed by Jodie Foster?