Nicole Kidman: 360 Degree Film

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has a new visual realty film, but it is not in the theaters as it is for Etihad which is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates.

Nicole Kidman plays a version of herself in a five-minute short 360-degree film for Etihad. The film immerses its viewers in a virtual reality story that takes them on a new flying experience with Nicole Kidman called “Reimagine.” This is a film by Angela Dawson. The film essentially shows Nicole Kidman as one of the passengers on the luxurious new Airbus A380 of the Etihad Airways Jet Barbarian Group flying non-stop between New York and Abu Dhabi. MediaMonks was the creative digital production company that collaborated with The Barbarian Group, a subsidiary of Cheil Worldwide. The husband and wife team of Anthony Atanasio and Valerie Martinez accomplished this by using special techniques that ensures a flawless production free of warping or stitches.’

Kidman who is very classy to me just adds to the elegance of the experience. This short 360-degree virtual reality film is very well done and I did feel the experience of what this incredible 12-hour flight would be like. The goals of the film were to stimulate the senses of light, sound, motion and conversation and I felt it delivered. We are taken through a luxurious private three room cabin as well as other stylish seating areas. I must say that the first class of this Airway is like a high-class hotel. They served eye-appealing meals, have a nanny, real bathrooms, space to walk around and relax and so much more.

I am not a fan of flying, but this make me want to take a trip right now. Of course, I do not know the cost, which I can only imagine is quite a bit, but you have to see the new transformation in flying. It is a dream come true. Oscar winner, Nicole Kidman who has endorsed the carrier for more than a year brought the film added appeal and grace.

Watch Nicole Kidman’s 360 Degree Film below:

What do you think of Nicole Kidman’s 360-degree film?