Instagram Fitness: The Strong Is Beautiful Bandwagon

instagram fitness

Taking the world by force in more ways than one is a tool that has been used to showcase the talents of thousands while enlightening those to a world that is much bigger than us. Instagram has exploded within the lives of many across the globe. From pictures of the here now moments, to proposals, announcements, poetic word inspirations and advertisements, Instagram has shown that it’s a vice that can be used for multiple practices.

Among these areas, Instagram has brought women together from across the globe to join the strong is beautiful bandwagon and has provided several fitness pages from thousands of women all looking to inspire the average, every day girl, promoting that if they can do it, you can do it too. It’s no surprise that social media has taken over how women are presented to society and it’s also no surprise that as of late, the image of what an ‘ideal’ woman has begun to change as well. You no longer have to be skinny and a size 00 to be beautiful. Instead meet a new world where being strong and healthy equates to being beautiful and you’re encouraged to eat…healthy that is.

Instagram has helped to advertise women’s physiques in a healthy way disapproving the notion that having muscles is masculine. Instead these women are taking it over by force showcasing their physiques and daily habit patterns, promoting not only a healthier lifestyle, but getting rid of the idea that you have to be skinny to be beautiful. Instead, it’s about being strong. Women like Anna Victoria, a California native, not only provide meal guides, but 12 week training programs as well. She promotes not only a healthy lifestyle, but makes clear to others that it’s a process; one that never stops.  Lyzabeth Lopez from Canada also tops the lists, with a background in nutrition; she helps her followers stay fit and healthy by providing tips and workout demos to assist.

Both of these women prove, along with others like Michelle Lewin and Rocky Barnes, that it’s never too late to make a change, it starts with today. No matter what keep this in mind… Whatever size or shape you may be or whatever size you’re looking to get into, beauty starts from the inside first. Embrace who you are, sexy comes from being comfortable in your own skin. Be strong, be beautiful, be you!

Franchesica Bassaw

Contributing Writer/Blogger

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