Top 5 Track Devices To Help You Sleep Well

sleep track devices

We have found the 5 sleep track devices that will help you get a good night’s sleep…

According to the National Sleep Foundation Survey 2005 polls revealed fascinating results showing women are more likely than men to have difficulty falling asleep. The sleep deprivation can be caused due to poor performance on the job. Biological conditions unique to women, like the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause can affect how well a woman sleeps as these relates to changing levels of hormones that a woman experiences throughout the month and over her entire lifetime; like estrogen and progesterone which can have an impact on sleep.

Based upon a recent online poll the most popular apps / gadgets on brings you the best 5 Sleep Track Devices to get you to have a better sleep…

FitBit One: Sleep Tracking is easy through this device which clips onto your clothes and will keep a track of the steps you took to stay active the whole day. At night the device will capture the movements when a person has woke up and the time plus how many times he/she did wake up. It can be synced with the website to give  you a detailed report.

Sleep As Android: The device will watch your sleep cycles and is designed to wake you up gently at the best possible time of the morning. The graphs of your sleep habits can be demonstrated on the device.  Also it will warn of any kind sleep deprivation and will alert you to any kind of sleep illness.

Jawbone Up: The device will track your steps and day activity level including calories consumed per day. It will warn the person if he/she is sitting without doing any activity and encourage to do some exercise. The device can be synced to know your sleep cycles at night.

Sleep Cycle: An i0S app that is designed to watch sleep habits, quality of sleep and time in bed will track the sleep and will also track when a person wakes up in the middle of the night.

Sleep Bolt: An android app for tracking sleeping patterns and measuring the quality of the sleep. The app is free to download.  Some Recommendations for better Sleep…
• Delayed or broken sleep is a common problem in women.
• Before going to bed, tell yourself that you will have a sound sleep and that you are going to wake up just before the alarm clock feeling refreshed and alert.
• If you can’t get sleep after 20 minutes, get up and do something boring until you feel sleepy.
• Avoid alcohol, caffeine and heavy meals four hours before sleep.
• Focus on relaxing your body by doing some light muscle exercises.
• It is normal to wake up once or twice in a night. Don’t panic about it, just try to relax and focus on breathing.
• Keep a pen and paper beside your bed; if something bothers you, write it down.

Sukhin Chawla

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