Three 8Tracks Playlists Sure To Get You Through Your Workout!


Finding the motivation to workout can be difficult sometimes.  Here is something to get you in the groove…

In the last ten years or so music has been a huge drive for people to become pumped about their workout routines.  Even games like Just Dance have exercise modes to go along with their dance games that help people have fun while they’re sweating up a storm and burning off calories.  According to Scientific American for some athletes music is a necessity to have a peak performance. Why not follow their examples with some awesome 8Track music playlists made by people just for the purpose of getting your heart racing as you go through your workout?   Maybe you can  use 8Tracks to add some more fun and excitement into your routine.

WORKOUT by prankcallyourcrush

This exciting workout playlist (cover art including the cutest piglet in roller-skates that you’ll ever see) is filled with heart-racing Korean Pop!  The ten tracks include BTS, Twice, and Got7.   I took a listen and, man, did I feel like I could conquer the whole world just by hearing the girls of Twice sing the lyrics: “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 — TOUCHDOWN!”  I highly recommend giving this a listen!  And if you want to know what the Korean lyrics are, you can visit this website and search for the song and it’ll give you an English Translation!

Zumba! by kaitlynn_a

Everyone knows what Zumba is!  This playlist breaks out with a remix of Shake Señora by Pitbull to get your body moving right away.  These eleven tracks will keep you moving throughout your workout, and keep you wanting to go even when your thighs are sore…(leg day, anyone?)

Just Keep Running by cxlliecat

This playlist consists of eight tracks of popular Top 40 radio songs that will make you feel like you wanna put a cape on and save the world (though, I wouldn’t recommend that while you’re on a treadmill …you might hurt yourself).  It includes Phoenix from Fall Out Boy, and really, who listens to Fall Out Boy and doesn’t want to go out and punch something? (Again, I don’t necessarily recommend this.)

So put on these 8Tracks, throw on your earphones, and enjoy the summer working out and getting fit to make your body look the way that’ll make you the most confident in yourself.  You got this, girl!



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