Wild Boobs And Braless Millennials

braless millennials

Wild boobs are on the move and perky nipples are out!

Putting on a bra is like combing your hair –it’s naturally ingrained. With the straps, hooks and underwire, it can be a pain in the…ahhh. Anywho, let’s face the truth, sister girl, it’s better to be braless, right? Yes! I know.

It feels great to slip out of high heels after a long day of work, or that feeling of relief you get when you take off the last strap of your bra…aahh! One study shows that it may be good for you to lose that second layer every once in a while. The study concluded that women who did not wear bras had more perky breasts than those who did. The researchers theorized that breasts get lazy and sag more over time.

Of course, going braless is nothing new, but it is definitely trending again. Odd enough, concealing nipples were trending a year ago. Now, women feel more riotous letting them pop through tanks and tees. No cuplets, no fillers, no silicone skin…just nipple.

With this I wonder about bra and lingerie sales. I’m sure there wouldn’t be a complete decline, but there has to be a decrease in margin. According to a 2015 NPD Group study, sports bras are the fastest growing style among millennials. I can see why; they’re comfortable, unlined and painless.

Some say that being braless is empowering feminism. More are saying it’s just for comfort. What do you think?

Letting the girls free may be easy for most women. As you can see many of these women aren’t blessed with extra cushion. But, I imagine that all of the jiggle and bounce could become uncomfortable or painful, depending on size and daily activity. For me…no ma’am. Most of the time, I can’t stand wearing a bra, but I can’t take these puppies anywhere without one.

I don’t have perfect, perky boobs. I don’t even remember what an D-cup is! I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one. Life just isn’t a Victoria’s Secret commercial for some of us. But, when you take it all off you feel completely free, and most importantly, your breasts are able to breathe.

Ultimately, it remains a choice whether you decide to wear a bra or be braless. I’m not suggesting that you free-boob it 24/7, but if you want to see if it gives you perkier breasts or just want a reason to ditch your bra more often…do it! While enjoying this millennial braless culture, just make sure you don’t pull a nipple scare…Janet Jackson style.  





  • Chasity Thompson

    Great post Angel! As a black-feminist-sociologist-big-boobed-gal, yes, I believe not wearing a bra is empowering for a few reasons. Bras tell women that we must keep our boobs covered and with a device to maintain a societal aesthetic (basically, a patriarchal ideology). Moreover, we are socially pushed to purchase bras and depending on your size and we have to shell out big bucks (I’m talking up to $400, yikes). This is capitalism at it’s finest. Plus, we are lured into purchasing the “trendiest” bras from retailers like Victoria Secrets, Aerie, and Nike. Our breasts are politicized to say the least and it’s certainly unfair. Hopefully, our generation (millennials) will stay inspired and fight the good fight! Xo

  • Lea Washington

    Great post. I hate bras. I have them, but I spend most of my days not wearing one. When I first started going without a bra my breasts got tender and my nipples got sensitive but now they are used. to being free and it now feels uncomfortable to wear a bra, so much so that even a sports bra for an hour at the gym has my breast screaming for freedom.