5 Reasons To Start Meditation Today


There are days when you will go off your path, feel depressed, over stressed or anxious and the reason can be enormous as life is full of unpredictability, paradox, joys, sorrows, successes and failures. We can’t escape any of these experiences in the vast terrain of our existence. Brian Satori Piergrossi from Ashville, NC is a spiritual healer, Author and a Life Coach who will share some majestic reasons on why we NEED MEDITATION in our daily lives :-

Change YOU In A Positive Way

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Our mind is wild and full of thoughts.  Meditation helps to guide your mind and once you realize that you know your mind, you start to own your stuff and become more authentic, maybe even humble. Once you become authentic, Happiness, Freedom, Inner Peace, Passion, Joy, Meaning, Purpose and Inspiration are byproducts that come through the clearing our mind and thoughts.


Pathway To  Self-Realization

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Brian’s thoughts on self-Realisation is that it is meeting your soul and the intention of this journey we are taking together is to open us up as human beings to the miracle of life, which is present right now. To look at this very moment with a sense of freshness and
renewed innocence. To take in the world with a sense of wonder and utter awe with bewildered amazement. To quiet the mind and open the heart. To realize that you are part of a natural, creative, energetic force that permeates the entire universe including YOU.

Make You Wiser

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It gives your mind and body a perspective. If our mind feels good, everything feel good. You will feel a change in yourself and will stop getting  grumpy, jealous, over excited or frustrated. According to Brian mediation is a mental hygiene that cleanses out the trash, tunes your talents and allows you to get in touch with yourself. It not only improves your emotions, but also strengthens your memory and focus so that you can make wiser decisions in life.


Boost Your Confidence

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In some situations you’re not able to stand out or speak up for yourself. Meditation guides you to the journey of liberty of that silence where you get to live each moment with a greater awareness of your true spirit and in that space.  Eventually, you’ ll realize that your confidence reveals itself to you and you will find yourself feeling more open, courageous and willing to take bigger steps in life.

Improves Your Health

meditation1Meditation helps your immune system function better, reduces emotional stress and lowers depression. It also helps to relieve yourself from pains and fevers. Meditation makes you a happier long-lived person.

We gave you good reasons to start meditating to improve your life.  Now try it for yourself.  Start out with five minutes a day just sitting quietly and watch what happens in your life.







Sukhin Chawla

Broadcaster/ Writer

Sukhin Chawla is a freelancer writer in United States and have an experience of creative writing in more than three years. Sukhin also worked as a Broadcaster in National Television in India for two years.