Kitchen Secrets From India – Beauty Hacks Decoded

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Beauty secrets and tips that may surprise you

Let’s be honest, the first thing we tend to notice in a woman is her face. Now there are different beliefs when it comes to beauty across the globe, but there is a general consensus on– flawless skin being a winner.  Yes, we are all guilty of wanting to achieve a perfect complexion owing to the unbelievable beauty standards we are exposed to every now and then. For some make-up might be the answer in this quest because great skin means constant work. Exercising, eating healthy, CTM routine…..the list goes on.

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Add to this the expensive salon visits that need to be accommodated in our busy schedules. Who are we kidding? There is only so much that we can do and that’s why sometimes we should open the Pandora’s Box called our kitchen for amazing beauty hacks. Ladies, we are in no way asking you to stay away from your beauty regime, but let’s just say diving into their own kitchen never killed anyone :-). Indian women utilize multiple kitchen beauty hacks and we are going to let you in on them. So, ladies dive deep into these beauty secrets:

Chickpea Flour: This ingredient has found its place in every Indian woman’s beauty ritual. Take a tablespoon of chickpea flour combine it with turmeric and whole milk for a face mask that works like magic to leave your skin supple and minty fresh.

Papaya:  Laden with Alpha hydroxy acids and Potassium, papaya is not just another fruit. Both these ingredients are proven to have excellent exfoliating and hydrating properties. Massage your skin for 15 minutes with papaya pulp for gorgeous looking skin.

Tomatoes: They are loaded with vitamin A and C. Take a slice of tomato and rub on your face for 15 minutes for skin brightening, fighting skin aging and dark spots. For even better results add a drop of lemon juice in it.

Almonds: Full of protein, magnesium and vitamin E, they are your best bet to fight dry, scaly skin. Soak almonds in whole milk and make a fine paste to apply generously all over your face. Wash off after 30 minutes to see magical results.

Honey :  There is a reason why a large number of OTC skin products are honey based.  This ingredient has excellent anti-bacterial properties and is full of anti-oxidants. Include honey and lime skin tonic to stay away from acne and fight skin ageing.

Eggs: The good old egg is a wealthy source of protein. If you want to continue looking 10 years younger than your age, then this is your armor for a quick amazing anti-aging mask. Apply egg whites combined with vitamin E to banish aging.

So the next time your skin needs to be rescued,  you don’t have to look too far.  🙂


Disha Sisodia Singh

Disha Sisodia Singh is a communications professional who enjoys writing and integrating with different cultures in her spare time.