Chipotle is Making …Burgers?


You know …sorta.

The Chipotle food-chain hit a major snag when there were breakouts of E.Coli in their restaurants

Sales, of course, went down with this news, and now Chipotle is trying something new to get their sales back up.  However, it’s not really the Chipotle restaurant, but rather, the Chipotle chain is starting a brand new restaurant chain, and that will be selling the aforementioned burgers.  Chipotle will be the parent company.

It seems like a weird direction to be going in.  From serving a variation of Tex-Mex food, to going all-out-American with burgers and milkshakes.  However, Chipotle has actually already done a shift in fast-food, being the parent company of “ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen” (founded in 2011).  They also have a small pizzeria chain called “Pizzeria Locale” in Denver (founded in 2013).  This isn’t a move that the founder of Chipotle, Steve Ells, hasn’t done before.

The restaurant will be called “Tasty Made”.  The idea is to keep all the ingredients fresh, going along with Chipotle’s mission statement entitled “Food with Integrity”.  Using naturally grown ingredients, using beef from animals raised without the use of hormones, and keeping the buns free of preservatives.  The shakes, too, that Tasty Made is promising, will allegedly be made with real ingredients, rather than artificial.

However, though the name “Tasty Made” may not call to mind the “Chipotle” name for a lot of people, enough people will know or find out along the line that the new burger chain is connected.  People are still worried about the E.Coli breakout that happened back in 2015, and this isn’t the only disease outbreak the company has had.  In 2015 alone there were also outbreaks of salmonella and norovirus found in various restaurants, causing many customers and employees to fall ill.

According to CNN Money, sales for Chipotle had fallen right off the cliff in the last quarter.  They had plummeted 82%.  In order to combat this, the chain has tried out some customer loyalty plans, and now this, a seemingly fresh start for Ells’ restaurant chains.  Will it work?  Will people love Tasty Made as much as they once loved Chipotle?  Only time will tell.



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