3 Ways To Remind Yourself That You’re Beautiful


In this day and age it can be hard to remember that you as a woman are indeed physically beautiful.

In this society, we have makeup ads thrown in our faces from television, magazines, and advertisements on the internet.  We have models and TV or Movie stars who just look perfect to us, shown to us everywhere.  It’s hard to not sit there, look at them, and think “I wish I could look like them”, when really, it’s just not realistic.  Movie stars have makeup teams, high-class designers, and the money to keep themselves looking the way society thinks they ought to in the public eye.  The average person doesn’t have anywhere near that luxury.  However, we don’t need that luxury.  It can be hard to do, but you can remind yourself that you are beautiful.  Here are some ways I have personally found that help.

1) Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I’m beautiful”.  This sounds cheesy, I know.  However, for me, regardless of how cheesy and sappy it might be, it really worked.  I had heard this advice around, and when I was getting into my teens, I started to follow it.  So what if you have some acne?  You’re still beautiful.  So what if you don’t wear makeup?  You’re beautiful in your natural skin.  I promise.  You don’t have to change your appearance for others or focus heavily on physical flaws.  A verbal reminder of that, even from yourself, can really help.

2) Stay hygienic.  This one I can have a problem with.  Sometimes I don’t wash my face, and even that can hold me back from thinking that I’m physically worth anything.  However, this just isn’t the case.  When I do take the time, that small amount of time, to clean myself, I feel better.  My day looks better just because I feel better.  I put some effort into how I looked that day, and putting effort into keeping clean and healthy is a great way to remind yourself, at least for me, that I am beautiful and worth the little effort that I need to put into myself.

3) Stay away from toxic media as much as possible.  Makeup lines, hair coloring, clothing lines, etc.; they want you to feel bad about your appearance.  Sometimes that can be hard to remember, but that’s how they sell their products.  By telling the consumer that they can look beautiful if they use their product.  You often times will hear these companies being criticized for these ploys, but it must still work because they’re still doing it.  Try as best as you can to not let it work on you, and avoid it as much as possible.

Of course, you need to take care of yourself and put some effort into how you look.  However, that doesn’t mean we need to give in to the over saturated negativity that ads provide us with.  You are beautiful no matter what.  Just remind yourself of that.


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