How To Be An Introvert And Still Be Outgoing


This sounds like I’m being contradictory, I know…

In an attempt to be accepted, the internet has embraced introversive tendencies to a point where it’s beginning to become unhealthy.  While there’s nothing wrong with being introverted, there’s also nothing wrong with being extroverted.  There’s also a name for those folks in the middle; ambivert.  Now, assuming you like to label yourself as one of the three, there’s ways to exhibit traits of the two you hear of most often: both introvert and extrovert.  I consider myself to lean towards the introversive side, but I’ve been confused for extroversive on more than one occasion.  When people tell me this, I’m stunned, because I know I go home at the end of the day completely drained from social interactions.  However, you can fight getting tired and have a really good time at that function you didn’t really want to go to in the first place.  These are some things that have helped me.

Go to the event.  Just go.  It’s so tempting to stay at home, but if you go, you’ll actually feel better.  I’m not saying go to every event you’re invited to (and definitely don’t go to events that make you morally uncomfortable), but don’t corner yourself alone all wrapped up in your blanket and never talk to anyone unless you absolutely have to.  Humans need other human interaction.  Isolating yourself is tempting, but it can result in loneliness and that can cause harm to your mental and physical health.

Fake it until you make it.  You don’t feel like smiling because you’re exhausted?  Smile anyway.  I have personally found that this alone can help me bring my mood up and increase my happiness in the situation.  If you smile, you look more approachable, which can be a little scary sometimes, but you’ll find some great conversations ensue.  You will feel better just by smiling a little.  This also applies to kind of pretending you’re more outgoing than you actually are.  You will feel better in the long run.  I, at least, have.

Invite a few friends over at a time.  Social interaction, despite what stereotypes might tell you, doesn’t have to mean a huge party.  Not in the least.  Invite one or two friends over.  Have some light conversation.  Have a small, easy dinner.  Watch a movie when you no longer feel like talking.  This can help you improve in your social skills, and little bits at a time can make you less tired when you do wind up going to the bigger parties.

It’s a fight, it is and you will be tired from trying most likely.  I, however, have found it worth the time and effort.  Generally, I feel better because of it.  I always will find some time for just me, though.  Just as long as I don’t go off alone too much.


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