3 Beauty Facts On Drinkable Collagen

drinkable collagen

Searching for the latest beauty trends has become a hobby of sorts for many of us. The newest beauty craze is drinkable collagen…

With the advancement of social media and plastic surgery, it’s no surprise that people are trying this latest trend. Collagen is something we have all known in the past to be an injected substance, but that is no longer the case. Here are 3 quick facts you need to know before trying this new beauty trend.

What exactly is collagen and what are the benefits?

Collagen protein is a key component of your skin, lubricating your joints and contributing to your skin’s elasticity and structure. It helps in the hydration of skin and hair, as well as the replenishment of skin cells. As we age, the natural collagen starts to break down in our bodies, resulting in not-so-fresh looking skin, hair and nails.

Where can I find supplements?

Collagen Drink by Dirty Lemon
Skin + Hair Drink by Dirty Lemon

The protein can already be found in many topical moisturizers and beauty products. Companies like Bulletproof, Dirty Lemon and Shiseido are now selling drinkable collagen supplements that claim to increase amino acids, which will in turn kick-start your body into producing more of the protein.

Tell me the natural ways to obtain more collagen.

There are plenty of natural ways to implement collagen-rich foods in your diet. Orange vegetables containing vitamin A can help support the production of this protein. Also, red veggies such as tomatoes and beets are packed with lycopene, which can protect your skin from sun damage.

If you do try supplements and various products, keep in mind that you should give it a minute to really get into your system to reap the benefits.  This is something that is a lifestyle not a fad or something you do for a few weeks.  Keeping your body healthy and looking fabulous takes time and consistency.  You can do it!

Will you be trying this latest beauty trend?


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