LIT Is The New Cross-Fit


The Boot camp workout that will leave you Injury Free.

The Lit Method is a low impact, high intensity fitness revolution that  “builds you not breaks you.” It’s changing the way people see fitness all while catering to the busy hectic lifestyle of today’s society. The Unique LIT program (low impact training method) incorporates low impact cardio machines, resistance bands all while ensuring the cardio burn you want.

The founders of the LIT method found that there  was a spike in the number of injuries due to the popularity of high impact fitness classes, which led them to create the Anti-Cross fit. This new fitness boot camp is a class for the seasoned fitness junkie and the injury-recovering athlete that both can enjoy.



You are able to work smarter with low impact workouts leading you to function better, reduce your risk of injury through the use of a water rowing machine which has little to no impact on your primary joints: ankles, knees, and  shoulders. Many of these can be affected through overuse in other popular boot camp classes.

The rate of injuries for  traditional cross-fit workouts is quite high (74%) and It’s common knowledge that high impact workouts done daily can cause injuries.  Anti cross fit combines high-intensity intervals that are not harsh on your joints but provide challenging and compound movements. Furthermore, they work on posture by including a stretching and myofascial release portion after each workout.



Each class follows this format and alternates between these three types moves:

  1. Compound movements
  2. Cardio
  3. Single leg muscle group

Despite what you’ve heard you don’t need to jump, run or lift weights to get a sweat-drenched workout. LIT is breaking boundaries and their injury  prevention strategies is sure  to keep their clients engaged.

Take a break from exercising that can compromise your joints by checking out the LIT method.

Evelyn Derderian

Evelyn is a San Francisco native, personal trainer and health and fitness contributor. She loves sushi, books, brunching and working out. Read more of her writing at