Our Top 40 Fitness Tips And Tricks

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The holidays are here and we have just what you need to avoid that holiday workout rut and get you ready for the New Year!

This is our end of the year roundup with all of our favorite health and fitness info to help you end the year just right. Get started on your New Year’s resolution early by checking out some new workout formats or some cool recipes. Here are our top 40 Tips and Tricks:

Fitness Tips

1. 6 Ways to Snap Out of Your Fitness Rut

You’re really going to need these tips after Thanksgiving.

2. Workout Myth Debunked

No pain no gain… right?

3. 16 Reasons to Breathe Correctly 

Because breathing is EVERYTHING!


4. Exercise And Your Appetite

Who knew it could make your appetite decrease.

5.Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Try these tips and stop using short-term fix-its.

6.Loving Your Shape Doesn’t Mean Ditch The Gym

You can love your body and still make time for your Health.

7. How Women View Dieting

Women diet the most.


8. International Weight Loss Tips

Other countries view diets WAY different than we do.

9. Fad Diets

There are some really weird ones out there you should not try.

10. How Much Protein Do We Need

Chances are you’re probably having too little or too much.


11. Instagram Fitness is taking over!

12. Do You Know Your Body type?


Exercise Formats you Should Try:

  1. Aerial Yoga
  2. LIT
  3. Yoga Retreat


4. Meditation 

5. Hi5 Challenge

6. Hot Yoga

7. Squat Variations

8.  Arm Exercises

9. Tabata Training

10. Zumba

11. Exercises For A Flat Tummy

12. How To Improve Your Balance

13. Foam Rolling

14. Indoor Cycling

Fitness Gadgets and Apps:

  1. Workout Music
  2. Sleep Tracker

Eating Tips and Recipes:



  1. 30 Minute Meals
  2. Low Calorie Snacks
  3. Healthy Fast Food
  4. Homemade Salad Dressing
  5. Delicious Weight Loss Snacks
  6. 5 Foods To Melt Cellulite
  7. How To Make Healthy Eating Easier
  8. Have Fun And Eat Healthy
  9. Mediterranian Diet
  10. Healthy Hispanic Food
  11. Vegetables
  12. Pre Workout Snacks


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Evelyn Derderian

Evelyn is a San Francisco native, personal trainer and health and fitness contributor. She loves sushi, books, brunching and working out. Read more of her writing at Flourish-ious.com