The Planned Parenthood Debate

It’s a topic that not many people want to discuss, mainly because of the overwhelming amount of controversy surrounding it, but Planned Parenthood is something that needs to be talked about. In the political world, which is honestly something I’m not a huge part of, the Senate Republicans recently voted to defund Planned Parenthood.

There’s much more controversy here than needs to be – no matter your personal stance on abortion. Planned Parenthood covers many services besides abortions, including birth control, multiple different tests, including STD testing, and both breast and cervical cancer screenings. The thing is, it’s normally considered faux pas to publicly discuss these types of topics. But why? Why is reproductive health so hush-hush? Every single person on this earth knows a woman. Their mother, maybe a sister, aunts, grandmothers, or significant others. So, why is an organization that helps ensure their reproductive health on the stand, and on trial by the government like some criminal mastermind?

It’s an ongoing debate, still being fought over in the Senate, but as a woman, I’d like to make my own choices regarding my own health. There is no need for any man, or anyone besides me for that matter, to choose whether or not I should receive reproductive health services. Schools already teach students about safe sex and reproductive health; we know what it’s all about. We know the basics, and probably a bit more. The fact that others are trying to decide what happens to other people’s bodies seems like a huge boundary is being stepped over.
When it comes to the pro life/pro choice debate, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether you firmly take a side or stand somewhere in between, everyone feels differently about the subject. As soon as most hear the term ‘Planned Parenthood,’ for some reason, their minds jump to one word: abortion. I’m unsure how so many people wrapped their head around the idea that PP is only an abortion clinic, but I think the biggest issue at hand is that most aren’t educated on the organization. That doesn’t mean they’re uneducated in general; just on this non-profit in particular. I think opinions should be formed only after learning about all that the organization offers and does. Although some may still not be keen on the idea of PP, even after learning about what they actually provide, but that is okay – we cannot all think the same. Some still see the topic of reproductive health as taboo, and no one can change someone’s personal beliefs.

I want to be able to make my own choices about my body; I don’t want anyone else doing it for me, and I’m sure a ton of other women feel the same way. Instead of everyone getting riled up, the most sensible thing is to just get educated on the subject. It’s super easy to look up the Planned Parenthood site and find out about everything they offer, instead of just focusing on one small portion of it. I truly hope the Senate chooses to take this approach, and make the best decision in regard to reproductive health.

To learn about what Planned Parenthood offers, check out their website:

Hope Vista

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